My little sister has borderline asperges syndrome. With a 5 year age gap between us it's sometimes hard that we are very different. I accept her as a person and take an interest in whatever she's in to.
I love her so much and to me she is so beautiful in every way. I used to get angry at everyone that Bullied because they couldn't understand that she didn't know how to communicate properly. I worry that one day someone horrible will take advantage of her because she's so nice an doesn't see the danger in the world.
I hope she knows how much she means to me. I don't tell her enough :( x
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That's so cute n you have to look out for her ! :) n what's sad is that nobody cared to comment or like the story when it's really sweet at least I liked it but people go crazy when it's something sexual .

Thankyou sweet x

Your welcome