I have a brother who has aspergers. It is very challenging as he had an atypical childhood and was unfortunately abused. I love him so much and wish for him to feel in control of his own life but I hate trying to explain things to him anymore because I would rather him want to talk to me. It hurts because I never see him as anything less and surely have trouble accepting his condition . My mom baby's him and is a depressed person so since he is the only one at her house I know it will be like pulling teeth to get him the help he needs. I just hope he has a sense that he is loved and has happiness in his life.
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I hope so to . He has you to help him though it's not always easy to offer help.

I am unsure of what would be beneficial to him . He is in college which helps but other than that he has no life . My whole family is introverted enough so this does not help the problem .

Just support him as you are doing. That's all I can suggest really .