I'm The Little Big Sister, My Older Brother Has Autism

My older brother is Autistic, and it's hard. You'd think after 17 years of living with it, I'd be used to it. But everyday brings a new inner struggle. I feel guilty for my feelings, and no one understands. Not even my parents. I work so hard everyday, all A's, three sports, a million and 1 clubs, just so a good college may decide they want me. I want to go to school, get a good education, get a good job, so when my parents eventual pass I can take care of my brother. No one understands.Sure
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

That's exactly how I feel about it ! I've already promised my step mother that I'll take care of her kids if something happens to her. I've been taking care of them lately because she is out of town setting up a house for us to move to. It's so hard sometimes. I have 3 little brothers who live with me and 2 of them are Autistic.

I am 17 and I have a little brother who is 8 and i feel I must do the same because i know i will always have to take care of him.