My Guardian Angel

I have a younger sister with Autism. She is only five years old and sweetest little girl you will ever meet.
As with most individuals with Autism, my sister has a lot of physical problems that come from that. The worst are her bowel problems and seizures. Her intestines are backed up and it causes her pain. Her stomach is so bowed out she looks like those malnourished children from Ethiopia - but the doctors don't do anything. She has a form of epilepsy with absenty seizures - where they aren't supposed to affect her brain. Well, they are getting worse. In fact, her last seizure caused her entire body to shake. That had never happened before. The doctors don't seem to want to do anything for them either.
Her school is the worst, though. She just started Kindergarten. Now, my sister can talk a little bit, but not a lot. For Thanksgiving, they did a story telling time where every kid had to tell a story. The teacher makes my sister do everything the "normal" kids do - which included this. My sister got out a few jarbled words (she WANTED to talk) and got so upset that she couldn't. The teacher didn't care. They are working on her doing everything like the other kids. But she CAN'T! The school has one special needs teacher, but she has no experience. Even though she knows nothing, however, she is treated like a god at the school. No one is doing what's best for my sister. Now, she is starting to be bullied. The school's reply: "we have a no bullying policy. So it's not happening." False.
I feel so helpless when it comes to my sister. I am at university now, and am two hours away. This summer I am moving across the country due to getting married to a military man. But either way, I wasn't able to see her too often due to a lack of vehicle. I Skype her and my family every day though. My mom often calls me on the phone for the my sister's drive home from school, as she is usually an emotional wreck after class. I just wish there was something more I could do.
My sister truly is my guardian angel. I used to be really depressed. Well, actually I still am. But one day I was going to take a lot of pills - Oxycontin. The ONLY thing that stopped me was that my sister is going to need me when she's older. We do not have a supportive family and I and my three year old brother are truly all she has besides my parents. My sister saved my life.
KayCeeEliz KayCeeEliz
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012