My Precious Little Brother

My brother was only two years old when he was diagnosed with autism, speech dyslexia, and adhd. He is now 12 years old and will be able to attend school until is 22 years old. Although he goes to school he is unable to communicate verbally due to his autism and speech dyslexia. It breaks my heart everyday that he doesn't get to enjoy life as we get to enjoy life. He knows nothing of the world around him, he is always in his own little world. The way that the doctors described autism to us upon diagnosis was to imagine a new born baby in its bed asleep and a robber comes in and takes the baby's mind, all that is left is the baby with no way of thinking for itself. I wish and pray everyday that a cure anything can bring my baby brother back to us.
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You have my Sympathies, my son is now 10 years old, when he was 5 months old he started have epelptic seizures that last anywhere between 10 - 40 min long each.
3 years later they finaly diagnosed him with Dravets Syndrome. He is also unable to talk and he is fixated on sand and water. But believe me he can comunicate in his own way and gets whatever he Autistic children are incredibe and i honestly believe he is very happy in his own little world..

HI there, I can tell you that while there are many aspects to having an autistic brother that can and will be difficult, you will see over time that your brother can and will bring enormous happiness and fulfillment to you also. During the early years, there will be anxiety and even embarrassment but that changes as you grow up and realize the gift you have. It will take some time but I know that in time, you will develop a strong and deep appreciation for him.

I already have a strong an deep appreciation for him, he is my heart. I am not sad for myself I am sad for him because he deserves to have a life as I have and be able to get an education, have a family, have a career, all that good stuff that many of us take for granted..

this really touched me...i feel the exact same baby sister has autism shes 16...its heartbreaking....:(

It is heartbreaking, I am sorry your family is having to deal with the heartbreak too :(

thank sorry you guys are to:(

your welcome, and thank you.. When he was just a little baby he was so normal happy and smiling..All the way up until he was almost two, he would count and smile for the camera..Then it was like all of a sudden the lights went out and he was no longer there anymore..He has a speech therapist that comes three times a week and her son was the same way, she said that believed it was because her son and my brother both had got all their shots at the same time or something a long those lines..That is not a proven fact, but when I had my daughter I did space her shots out because I was in fear that if that was the case..Have you heard that statistic?

my sister was completely normal till she was 4 and boom the same thing...:( im not sure what causes it..i was scared when i had my boys...but the dr said there was no way they could inherit it ..its a medical mistake....?.no i sure have not

They are still researching it I know, no one truly knows how or why, but like I stated up above, I believe God sends these angels to us for a reason, I believe that with all my soul, that your baby sis and my baby brother are angels :)

yes they are:) and god knows what hes doing...i would give my last breath to my sister im sure you feel the same about your brother...they are very special ..angels for sure<3

:) yes I would without hesitation..Absolutely God knows what he's doing :)


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