He's got things about middle-range as far as autism goes. He used to have trouble forming coherent thoughts, now since he's gone through chelation treatment he can speak in sentences, although he still has some speech problems. He's a very bright kid- he's memorized the addresses of everyone he knows, and he does well in school, taking some regular classes as well as assisted learning ones (he's also been part of a program that takes him off-campus of the high school for work experience). He is like me in that he has artistic talent also; he loves to draw and loves to make lists. Growing up with him I avoided his company and thought he was a pain. By now I've come to appreciate him, although he still gets on my nerves (but I think that's a symptom of sibling rivalry rather than anything else).
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My parents have always been really good about paying enough attention to both of us. I sort of shut my whole family out when I hit teenagerhood, but that was my problem, and now that I've moved out we're getting along again (although my brother is still a pain sometimes, hehe). Yeah he used to encroach on my space some, but it was mostly just about using my stuff without asking me first. Overall even though he isn't normal, we have a normal sibling relationship.

i have an autistic sister. like you growing up i found them to be somehow, i dunno, encroaching on my space? the family revolves around them doesnt it. but as you get older and accept these things, they do become so much more wonderous. and that irrelevance in which you treat yourself sure comes in handy when laughing at their behaviour. i love my sister, shes an innocent (its just the people around her thats a problem, heh)