I Love Her to Death

I live with my autistic sister and i take care of her. I had very little choice in the matter but I don't regret saying 'yes' to taking her on. She is a handful and sometimes i scream and shout at her, but we have this special bond. With the difficulty of situation, she always makes me smile.

She makes me pancakes for dinner and always has the house spotless. She's currently not working but she's an extremely hard worker. She was at her last job for 9 years and they loved her. Unfortunately the workshop closed down so she was out of a job.

I know that i will have to look after her for the rest of my life but i still dream that she meets a wonderul man who she has heaps in common with and has lots of babies. But the chances are slim. She's only 13 months younger than me and i'm 29 but i feel like i am looking after a 13 year old. Hey, it's lots of fun hanging out with a 13 yr old!!

I love her and I think that she is the most amazing person in the world. Love u loutsoui!!

maryk maryk
26-30, F
5 Responses Aug 8, 2007

I am praying for a daughter like you. I wish you the best.

i hope my daughter takes care of my autistic son if something were ever to happen tome. my girl is strong.

It brought a smile to my face, and made me sad at the same time. Crazy.

that is so nice of you!i wish more people could be like you - steadfast and loving.<br />
<br />

You are definitly a wonderful person :) People with the spirit you've got is what will save this world :D