My Baby Girl!

She's been sick since Sunday but got a lot worse today. I had to leave work because the moron X couldn't take her to the Dr... useless as usual.

Anyways, turns out she has the rotavirus and a really bad case of it. They said if she didn't start to drink then she'd need at least an IV and if in 24 hours she didn't show improvement they would admit her. I was up all night last night with her throwing up and potty issues. Her little bottom is now raw and bleeding in a few spots so she's on a special med for just that too. I took her the the store and let her pick out a pretty blue Gatorade with hopes that if she picked it she would be more interested in drinking it. Needless to say she's nursing it but it's a start.


*Yeah another tidbit I didn't realize... it's VERY contagious and when I kissed her little head the Dr. scolded me. Just dandy!

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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I guess to you or me it wouldn't do much damage but she isn't evey 30lbs yet and normally a very good eater who wants to do nothing but sleep... just hard to watch them like that. I do hope the X gets it! BRUHAHAHA!

I am sorry MSP. I will pray for her.