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My Mom Has Multiple Sclerosis

It's hard. It's been difficult because I have to take care of my younger sister, and also my older sister who has down syndrome. My mom was a super mom and now because of her being sick she has trouble doing normal things, like folding laundry. It has really taken a toll on our family. I try to do what I can but I feel like I don't do enough.
carolinadarling carolinadarling 18-21, F 5 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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You are doing all you can. You have stepped up to the plate and I admire and respect you for that. Shows whats really inside you, your beauty inside just being you. People like you are the true heros. Don't ever think your not doing enough. I took care of both my parents for years and have no regrets. Its who you are and defines you. You should be proud and if you have other family and they don't help you shame on them. Shows what they are really all about it.

I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my mother this past August to MS. She had a very aggressive type that did not respond to any treatments. I miss her terribly and feel awful that my son (who was only 5 months when she passed) will never get to know his grandmother.

Make sure she gets the best care possible. There are several new drugs and more and more coming on line all the time. Try to find one that works. Spend as much time with her as you can. Cherish the time and tell her you love her. Watch for signs of depression and make sure she joins a support group and takes anti-depressants. Most people would get depressed when a disease robs you of your ability to live a normal life and participate in the things they like to do. Get involved in the MS Society. They have incredible resources - many of which are free.

It is well.God will see you through it all and will give you strength and grace.

yeah any illness can be tough on the entire family. I am sure since you wrote on it that you are doing more than you think- remember you can't do everything! Nor can I or anyone else.

I just get overwhelmed sometimes. but you do what you can for your family no matter what

I'm a nurse and recently my mum was in a really bad car accident, she had to be cut out of the car and airlifted to hospital, the lot! She is 70 but young for her age, she broke 4 ribs and 4 bits off her spine all from the impact on the right side, she had a massive lump on her head one side and 15 stitches the other side. Due to us living in the uk and I'm sure you've probably heard of the nhs, they saved her life and we are so great full but she was sent home after 2 days still unstable! I moved back home for a month and looked after her awake day and night. It is so much harder looking after family than someone in hospital, the responsibility is so much more, it was a really scary time, she reacted to morphine while at home, luckily I knew the signs but you doubt yourself when it's your own mum there is so much emotion involved, she's much better now and doing amazing, she's a fighter but now I've got gallstones its been the shittest year ever, my family had not been happy with me and had almost stopped talking to me before the accident as they don't like my partner, but since the accident they know I'm there for them no matter what they've changed their opinion of me and I feel I have my family back which is amazing :)

I know what thats like...due to my mothers health issues I am helping take care of her does take a toll on a person when the are taking care of a family member..i commend you on your efforts

Thanks. It's hard sometimes. Being more a mom to my sister than a sister is hard.