My Wife Lives In A Nursign Home (i Think I Posted This Already In Its Own Group By Accident Sorrry Newbie:(

She became so sick from having lupus for 24 years but also not taking care of her health properly that she had two seizures that we're similar to strokes. Had to have her artificial knee taken out in order to have heart valve replacement. After that she fell and broke her hip. She is only 56. Then developed copd from smoking. Now here's the even tougher part. She continued to smoke, with oxygen, and lit our house on fire. She now lives in a nursing home and it's just me left to raise my twelve year old daughter. I am very bitter about the whole thing.

Now she might come home and I am agonizing as I dont want her to ever come home. Just had enough but have a tough decision to make.
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Mar 21, 2012