Cancer Ain't All Of It, Part Two.

There is the cancer and the TTP. Since then she developed a cyst in her abdomen the size of a grapefruit. They cut her open and the cyst is draining. She also has a blockage, probably from a tumor, that is blocking a bile duct from her liver. (She turned a bright shade of yellow.) They put a stent in the duct so it would drain and she had a bag on her leg for a couple of weeks while it drained. They are not sure if it is fixed yet so the tube is hanging out of her side until they can check it and make sure. (It has to be flushed everyday.) She still is going into the hospital almost everyday for the plasma aphaeresis to fight the TTP and last week she contracted a C difficile infection. It’s common for people who spend time in the hospital or nursing home but this caused an extreme case of diarrhea and we took a trip to the emergency room and she was admitted for two days of isolation and drugs. When she’s not at the hospital or doctor’s office she’s home sleeping.
Right now she has two tubes for the aphaeresis on the right side of her chest, two tubes for blood tests on the left side of her chest, a tube on her right side for the bile duct stent and a bandage in the middle of her abdomen for the draining cyst. What she would really like is to take a shower but she can’t get any of those bandages and things wet.
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OMG.... I cannot even begin to imagine her (and yours) pain and distress. Your last line gives a clue - it must be horrible to not be able to take a shower. You are a wonderful person for sticking through all this.

After forty-five years of marriage it's just what you do. It's exhausting but not as hard as I thought it would be.