I Have a Sick Spouse

I knew my marriage wasnt going to be easy nothing ever is, but I never knew just how hard until my hubby got sick. It seemed to happen all at once his blood pressure was to high he got diabetes hie kiddneys started to fail it was like a nightmare that didnt end. To make things worse when I was diagnosed with bi polar and a few other things he couldnt deal. After a while he just checked out and started seeing another woman much younger and healthier he almost filed for divorce. Thats when I stopped taking my meds and started living again. Problem was it didnt last long. I dealt with it accordingly. Then he got sick. Even though he cheated and did me wrong I still stuck by him. Our marriage vows say until death do us part. I stuck to that he is now sick and I take care of him. I take him to the doc the hospital the works. He finally saw how I take care of him and started to realize how much I do for him. I guees thats a good thing. But it doesnt make it any easier he is sick and he needs someone to help him. I could of just left and said its his problem now but I couldnt my vows say in sickness and in health regardlessw of what he has done in the past now is now and he needs me. I hope he sees what a good wife I am and regrets his misdtakes. For all that are in my position dont loose hope god has a way of making things working out. It is hard having a sick spouse but ya goota roll with the puinches god doesnt give you more than you can handle so just wait for things to get better when ya have a sick spoouse do all you can do help your all they have. Keep in mind its the right thing to do and love sometimes concours all if ya let it!!!

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You sound like a great woman, I hope you find happiness for yourself. God Bless.

Your brave Woman because cheating, I would've left already I would forgiving him, But wouldn't forget ,Yes I would be support him and help anyway I can but fromhow far away. Admires you good for you very strong WOMAN :-)

I didn't see anything there about kids...guess you have none with this man. If it were me, and I had brought children into this world with this person, I'm forever tethered to this individual...for the childs sake. <br />
But if no kids involved, I would have said "adios buddy!" To hell with the vows. In those vows, "to love and honour"...they go both ways. Guess he didn't believe in that. <br />
But, hey...whatever...to each his own. You obviously know what right for you. I sincerely hope that if your own health goes down hill, he will be there for you 110%! Good luck!

Dear sister, you are such a girl on whom God put his signature. I wholeheartedly appreciate you for the stand you took in the middle of difficulties and for your faithfulness for your marriage vows.. Keep it up. Finally, God will reward you for all of your sufferings...

He is very blessed to have you in his life.

May God bring rescue in healing, hope, love, forgiveness, beauty for ashes and oil of gladness for heaviness. You have the enduring spirit and are teaching many from your share. Godspeed!!!

Your love is truly unconditional and that is what really is important in the sight of God. No one says it has to be romantic love all the time... but this is sacrificial love. Press on...

marriage IS for life.<br />
You vowed (more than a promise).<br />
Bipolar means HE's had to deal with illness on your part.<br />
Sort of "quid pro quo"<br />
However, genius and mental illness are closely related, and as John Forbes Nash has done, with intelligence and strength of will, SOME can live life without meds. (see "A Beautiful Mind" 2001)<br />
This is a true struggle for both of you. pray and perservere.

The world is still quite a nice place bcoz there are people like u :)

A lot of healing takes place when we are at peace with the world.It does not mean that we necessarily allow others to walk over us but that we are human and we all have our faults. As a young child, I learnt the saying "to err is huamn...to forgive is divine!" <br />
It is heartening to see the love you still have! May God always give you the strength to carryon and perform your duty. We really can't expect God to forgive us our trespasses if we don't forgives others who have done us wrong. Pls continue honest but caring conversations and may oyu both make the best out of your predicaments!!!

Do you both respect each other? Can you both now be KIND to each other? Can you both really see a future together? If so, then start doing things for the marriage -- for some inspiration and motivation use the behaviors in "A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage." Read it together, it's a short, easy read, and decide what you can implement immediately and do it. Good luck!<br />

"god doesnt give you more than you can handle" I like this word :D

i do hope you got an apology from this guy? I would of made sure I did before I lifted a finger.

You go girl!