I'm Not What You Think I Am

I get straight A's and go to church. I also spent my 15th birthday in rehab.

At school I'm shy, have friends, and do my work.

At home I obey my parents and get along with my sister.

Outside of home and school I am a [now recovering] drug addict and an alcoholic.
I started drinking when I was 12. Started smoking pot when I was 13. Started taking pills at 14. When I'm that person, I'm loud and outgoing. My parents didnt know until I OD'd a week before my 15th birthday. 2 days later I was sent to rehab. My family was angry and throughout the ordeal I was told that they didnt know who I was anymore, or that I had changed for the worse. I do have the two sides of me but I am still me. The people who have claimed that they only liked one part of me, well the other side is me too. I've lost people as friends who "couldnt bear the thought of me being any different than I was around them". It's unfortunate but I've learned to live with it.

But now, the whole me is changing to a person with just one side. And to be honest; it's difficult as hell.


bluesunshine bluesunshine
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

it, becomes bearable...I won't say to you it, get easier, time heals all, that is a load of crap, it becomes bearable, the losses. And you will in the end be stronger, you will have regret for some time, but then that will pass, that's how it is.