My side is this side being on Ep sharing my thoughts and sometimes strange fantasies. Realising there are people out there that find me attractive still. Spoken to some lovely people and met someone special. If only my husband knew !!!
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Go for deserve to be happy. As long as nobody is being hurt, then everyone is happy and everyone benefits from that...including your hubby.

I hope to get to know you too!

How could anyone not find you attractive, your beautiful face and hot sexy curvy body and great personality are all to be admired, but don't tell your husband I said that lol. Glad your making friends and enjoying yourself here Emmajayne.

I know what you mean, me too, it's very liberating, don't you think?

i am the same if my girlfriend knew what i talk about she would not be happy

Really , is it bcause you feel lonely? Am in a similar situation

Good go out with them...make sure they don't know the habit you have. ..