Honestly I have 3 sides.
1. I'm a goody tooshuies in my school. I put on a mostly fake smile and try to be kind and generous. It's like having a mask on, trying to hide the true "monster" you believe you are.

2. At home my mom thinks of me as a kinda devil. She feels I disrespect her by not cleaning or picking up all the time. IM A CHILD I dunno how to do laundry or run the dish washer and no one is or did teach me so its your probllame. This side is like showing half of my true self like wearing half if a mask.

3. This side is all out EVIL! This side is horrible. I cuss out my mom my dad people I love! I'm soo rude. It's like my whole mask is off. All the good powder is gone. Some how everyday I end up spin something wrong and my mom has to correct me by yelling her frickin head off. Iran really get a life mom, you can't make a frickin living writing books for kiddies. Your 43 do something with that collage degree my gosh!

See I'm pure evil inside I am so confused on really who I am which one are am I just a person with 3 faces, one which will jack you up and one which will be your best dream.

Hope you like my Experience
gabby121212 gabby121212
16-17, F
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No Kidding Gabby