Imagine ...

Imagine a girl who was raised as a boy. People telling her that she was a boy, made her wear boy clothes, made her play with boy toys.

Imagine, how she feels, knowing who she is all along and never being able to express herself.

That is the side of me that no one knows, the girl I was in my youth and the woman I am now.

Imagine being trapped and looking for an exit but not being able to see it for the fog of everyone elses perceptions. Being trapped, that is where I am.

Society calls that being transexual. My brain does not match my body. The dictionary says Trans = across, beyond, changing.

So then transexual means across sex, beyond sex and changing sex. Whatever!

I'm not changing my sex, I have always been a woman. Just changing my genitals to match who I am. Transgenital would be much much better.

I was born a girl, but the body was deformed into that of a boy. My birth defect that has carried me for years in the prison of others minds.

I never felt like a boy. I don't feel like a transexual, even though that is the medical/societal term. I have and always will feel like a woman, cause that is who I am.

That is who no one really knows. That's where I am and that is because no one know my true side.

Imagine a butterfly trapped inside it's cocoon.

No one knows.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2010

That's not true there is some out there that do feeling the same way.