My Brother Too

They are both selfish and demanding.  They only call me when they want something.  The sister in law, I'll call her douche, calls me and orders me around.  She has a list all of the time for me to do, like I'm an employee.  I'm not good enough to be invited over or asked to be godparent for their children, but I can babysit, manage their properties, take care of our father and do everything else for free!

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thanks the inlaw, yeah, recently they again, passed me over and did not ask me to be God mother to their baby. Even though I am his only sister, and he's Godfather to my daughter........I will never be good enough to please them. I am sorry you are going through the same thing

I am sorry but I have same problem too <br />
my sister in law dislike me for one reason to another <br />
one has her husband creditors called our house due to his debt , the other oen shut doen her facebook account just because I asked her a virtual friendship? I tought we where in good stand I give her a gorgeous girfts she is just selfish mean ... you are nto alone darling

My brother is starting the same old ****, with money again. They make a ton of money and I'm tired, I run his properties for free and I loaned him a ton of money and I take care of my dad, and i'm burned out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let them know it's not ok and tell them off... There is no need to help just don't pick up the phone and out all the time or get a real job just to get away from them.

Thanks, I'm extremely burned out tonight, with family and business, thanks for the story comments.

Ignore them. Don't be afraid to tell them that you have a life of your own and you need to be left alone once in a while. They'll get mad, but they will get over it.

I'm not married, but I went over there today to do them a favor, as usual they're not grateful, just demanding.

What does you hubby say?