So after being together for a few years they got married. My bro met the love of his life. We've had some great times together, the three of us. But I'm very jealous and envious of him.


They'd been together for 6 almost 7 years now, been together pretty much everyday, after dating online for 2 weeks, they met up and then moved in together about a week later. They went back and forth between my parents house and her parents house, before my parents had enough of that crap and told them to get out. Or really my bro said he was moving out and so my dad got mad at him and said 'good.' Drama over all this. But today he finally got married to her. It was a funny wedding, and I can only thank god for his excellent timing. He's a funny god.


My brothers wifes the same age as me, actually younger since she was born in July and I in February. But they met when he was 19 and she was 16. Her names Sarah and he loves her greatly. But neither of them seemed thrilled about the wedding, maybe it wasn't what they'd hoped for. But nothing ever is, is it? But I did make them smile for pictures, and they seemed happy together regardless.


We've had good times playing dance dance revolution and going to the fair. We rode on some excellent rides, and I almost got sick a few times. I got my bro to go on some scary rides, but only the safe ones were for Sarah. But her younger brother Jordan, I guess my brother in law now? We always rode together and he's a little demon of about 14. He's intelligent, manipulative, and one bad *** afraid of just about nothin.  Together the four of us have had some awesome times. Not including the times with her father craig, and her older brother craig.


Right now i'm wondering where I've gone wrong in life, and while still at 22 I haven't had a serious relationship. Friendship or love-wise. I'm envious of what the two of them have, I wish I had that. Nothing more to say than the fact that I'm lonely, and I hate that it feels like everyone around me is such. But either way I'm happy for the two of them, glad that they found each other, because they are perfect for each other.

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22 is still really young to have not had a serious relationship. I wouldn't worry about that. Maybe you should try and join a group or club. What do you like to do? And always stay positive :o)