My Little Sis

My sister is four years younger than me, but we grew up so close, sharing so many interests in things. My sister was only three grades below me though, having started earlier in school based on when she was born.

My sister and I are very different from each other. She is more headstrong, and I like to please. She is more about fact, and I am more about ideas. We were both dancers, and when choreographing dances together, I had the grand ideas, she had the details. In many ways we were complete opposites, but we did so much together.

We danced together most of our lives, travelling around to performances, competitions. We also did many of the same sports together. We are both soccer players, but she started when she was 6, me when I was 19. I never had a coach for a long time...and so she was mine.

But, because we were so different, we fought like cats at times. We struggled to see each other and understand because we were so different. But till death, we will defend each other to anyone outside of us....and we have. She stuck up for me once in an emotionally crippling situation, my little sis, defended me when I was knocked down. I'll never forget the protective wings she had around me that day.

We traveled to Europe together with my brother in 1999, and the three of us became best friends. If you've read my "I have a brother" story, you'll know that he does not live in the country. My sister and I struggle a lot knowing he's so far away. My sister lives just an hour and a half away, and I usually see her a couple times a month.

Over the years, we have learned to communicate with each other in spite of how different we are. But there are some very strong similarities.....our love for each other, and our love for our brother. Her and I can lean on each other greatly, but we miss our third, he's just too damn far away. But at least we have each other....and in the toughest of moments, we are there for each other instantly.

I am proud of you my little sis, and I am so glad we live so close that we can spend as much time together as possible. You will forever, and always be my very best friend, and I will always be here for you. I could not be without you.
Lucidblue Lucidblue
36-40, F
Jul 18, 2010