Ever since I was a 6, I could still remember how my sister had treated me badly. She would pinch my arms, hit me or anything she could think to hurt me, she would do it. We've never became close or if by chance we were like super sister but it won't last. For her, everything is a competition. She is selfish, hypocrite and self centered. She wants people to be afraid of her, she wants everything given to her. Feeling superior; the least she could do because she's already way behind compare to her friends. I remember we had an argument that she could not control her anger, she threw a knife on me. Good thing I got a chance to hide. She is nice when she is with other people but when with the family, her true colors revealed. She never show any concern but rather would feel happy if I die. That's why I envy sisters who are best of friends. Such a painful life. :(
SweetEclair SweetEclair
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1 Response Mar 10, 2015

It is happend in every family. bro and sis, sis and sis.. after sometimes u will good friend..