Move Around, Make New Friends. Repeat.

I grew up moving around every three years. From country to country always as the new kid in school. I think that largely defined who I am today so that's what's behind my six word memoir.
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Hello, Julio were you a military child. I was and we moved around constantly, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I then married a military man and I tell you,which ever way you traveled it does help you adjust to alot of different things, and to me its people we were raised to get along with others, and being prejudise,was not even in the surroundings. When I stopped traveling that when I met the really different people. I keep in contact with alot of people i met abroad,matter of fact a friend I met in Guam is coming to visit this month. I know moving around has been a great benefit for me, I guess that is why I am so talkitive, because I MOVED AROUND, MET NEW FRIENDS and REPEATED it over and over again.

yes, i still keep in touch with all my good friends from way back when. I guess if I didn't keep in touch, I wouldn't have any friends today! sort of one of those adapt to survive kind of things.<br />
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I hated moving around so much. In retrospect I think it was good for me and I got a lot out of it, but when you're actually growing up and moving its pretty crappy to have to leave all your friends behind and move somewhere brand new where you don't know anyone. I think i'm much more outgoing and adaptible today because of it.