I Just Took This Test

So I took a test to test your sixth sense , there were 6 blank picutres with 4 choices each time
without any clue you have to choose a picture and hover your mouse over the picture to see if you were right
i'm a bit amazed I got 5 out of 6 right ^^
its weird how you can think that it will be that thing and it will be just right :D
leanback leanback
18-21, M
6 Responses Oct 11, 2010

or you were just lucky . that's how probability works.

awesome :D let me know what your results are ^^

very weird, I'm about to go on it and give it a try :)

:) I will if i have time :) you can increase your power through meditation and some other methods..

i can't see the photos :p

lol where did you take it?