Two In One?

As you know there are people with different types of 3rd eyes e.g.(can see something in the feature.) mine is when I close my eyes I can see through paranormal's eyes and sometimes I can hear what their thinking. I also can feel them when they around me. This also happening to me when I was ten years old my family moved to a new house I told my mom that I didn't like it there, that there was something bad. As I suspected there was something attacked only me and my dog. When ever I was alone it was active, but when my friends or family was around it was inactive. I didn't get this because I had a baby sister and nothing was bothering her. Before anyone says all younger kids have this sSubmitense its true but I STILL have it.
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That's incredible i can only sense other people's emotions

im kinda the same i can pick up on a persons darker intentions. and i think i can sence ghosts.

I too was given the gift of the third eye since I was a small child. I don't see ghost but I feel their presence and I usually know whose presence it is. Over the last couple of decades it's gotten stronger and I can feel something big coming and it dosent feel right? I'm literally scared that I might not survive this current battle with domestic violence . My fathers spirit warned me of this great event in the dream lore along with reassurance that I will be ok but I'm still scared! If by chance I do survive I now understand this great gift and now I know how to use it for the greater good.

I understand your frustration with peoples skeptisism and disbelief. I have seen and experienced many things outside the 'norm'. It started when I was very young and it remains now I am 33. You know yourself and the truth of what you've seen. It is not always comfortable to be different but it is OK. I research things I see or experience and it helps me understand and feel less alone.

It sucked back then because no one would believe me because "i was only ten"