Yes It's True.

It's very strange. I am almost 18 years old & I have started this sixth sence as far back as when I was 7 years old. I can go anywhere, anyplace, at anytime and know that someone there is that place where I am at has died. I can go in to the exact spot where that person died.. It's very strange & i can do it at any place.. I've been tested by being bought into 4 different houses and I not being told if and which house if a person as passed away in one of those houses.. I didn't get that certain feeling that someone passed away.. And it was true nobody has passed away then I was talking to a set of apartments to see because my aunts friend claimed his friend died in one of the apartment complex and he took me to three door and to see if I was telling the truth.. And then the very first door that I was at was the one. I just knew at point. So, I know that I have a sixth sense
Sprtsgirl1 Sprtsgirl1
Jan 19, 2013