My back condition has detoriated more than ever, I had some mild vibes from my back but this time it has gone overboard. I cant walk, sleep or sit properly. When I have to stand I need to bend over like for picking up something from ground, though not that much. But yeah I may have gone from 6'2" to 5'8" or even smaller than this, i look like some old hunchbacked person when I walk and its a pain to walk in the first place, only my inner knows what I go through to negotiate that one step! :-(


I went for my X-Ray today and it shows its normal, maybe go for a MRI tomorrow. But they told me its got to stay, it will take time to heal and not less that 3 months for me to be able to be back to normal. I cant play any sports and now for that matter do anything. :-(


And the pain is killing me! :-(

Floydian Floydian
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yeah it is! Thank you! :-)

hang in there this has to be tough on ya!

Thank you! :-)

Yeah, he said after a week. Lets see, he will see my X-ray tomorrow but its more like I know already, parents are doctors, they told me already whats up.

I havent moved to exercise bit yet, the doc said in a while! I hope it gets ok, at least the pain asap.