Small Enough Anyway

Mine's not so small that it causes social issues for me. So to all of you who truly have a very small bladder, I feel your pain even though I'm in a position that is more bearable. I can hardly imagine how frustrating it must be for you guys!

But just the same, it bugs me to no end. For most of my life I've suspected it of being small, but it was only recently that I've confirmed this. When I was young, I was afraid of long road trips because I knew I'd always have to pee along the way and find it difficult waiting to get to a rest stop. When I watch movies in a theater, I always (without fail!) have to leave during the movie and I always seem to choose the worst moments to miss part of it! (I never drink anything during movies btw!)

I started to realize that mine might be smaller than normal when I noticed that many people could go longer than me away from bathrooms, and so I started trying to figure out a conclusive way to tell. As you might have figured out, it's not exactly easy to just go around and measure people's bladders. So I've just paid attention to details like how long people wait vs how much they've had to drink, and I also look for that bulge in their belly that shows off a swollen bladder.

I have heard a lot of people mention having a swollen bladder, and many people seem to take it for granted that when you really gotta go, it shows. I've seen a lot of people with a swollen bladder, and it does show! And this is how I know mine's small. When I'm at the bursting point, it still barely shows at all. I'm a skinny guy, and I can't see my bulge even when I'm trying to. Also, I've managed to get some kind friends to go in a container and measure for me :) -- not that many, but so far all of them have been able to hold quite a bit more than me. Last time I measured, I recorded 25 oz. And I was on the verge of making a mess on the floor when I managed that one!


So I'm curious if anyone here can offer any advice on how to make my bladder larger, or to increase how long I can hold it? Also if you want to measure how much you can hold and tell me, that would also be appreciated!

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Iv had this problem all my life, average 15 toilet trips a day, heard alot of bad things about cystoscopy so never went to the doctors about it, but decided enough was enough at 26, went to the doctors and they referred me to the urolegy department at hospital, took a stream test and my stream was the same as a 70 year old man, 1/5 of the normal for someone my age, so they booked me in for a rigid cystoscopy, two weeks later and I had it yesterday, the pain is bad when I wee, but it will only last a few days which I have painkillers to combat this, its well worth piece of mind to get it checked out for a few days pain, in the end it turns out my bladder holds 400ml, when the average is 700-800 and I also don't empty fully when I go so as someone has said bladder training is the way to go hold it in everytime until your going to pop, and go get it checked out, it could be something else much more sinister than just a small bladder..

Like all your bodyparts, you can "stretch" your bladder.<br />
If you try to wait until the last moment, when you have to pee, you will see that after a few month you can wait longer and longer.<br />
It's limited, right, but it may help you. Try it.

There is a limit to how much it can stretch, though if you let it stretch slowly (over several hours), it can stretch considerably bigger. It is also likely that constantly stretching it all the time will cause the tissues to actually expand over the years, increasing your bladder size--much like how a person can increase their stomach size.

My stomach is way too big for my scrawny body, but that's a topic for another story...

I've tried measuring how much I pee in the mornign when I'm ready to wet myself and typically it's 18oz and I too have to get up every few hours to pee at night. I've also often worn an external urinal or diapers to movies or times when I could not go every hour or so during the day. I've also tried diapers and the urinal at night with some success.<br />
<br />

I remember getting over 32oz once, maybe even 40 oz. I don't know how I did or why other times are diffierent. Lately 20-25 seems about my limit.<br />
<br />
I don't remember many other people's measurements (I need to start keeping track), but one person recently measured 35 oz for me.<br />
<br />
I've heard that you can't really increase your bladder size, but that might not be true. I know that many tissues in the human body can grow larger, and will usually do so from being stretched all the time. I don't see how you can get your bladder to stay stretched for long periods of time, but if you figured out a way, it might work you a miracle. It would also decrease the strength of the tissue, but that shouldn't be a problem if you are careful.