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Walk Like A Man But Hung Like A Boy

Can't say i'm proud of my little **** but it's all I got. Without pubic hair my flaccid penis could be mistaken for that of a pre-pubescent boy . Erect I am of average size (if I was 12 instead of 55) If I have been swimming (or any of the other activities or conditions that cause shrinkage ) I am distinctly baby-size.Although it has not affected me a great deal in regards to relations with women my small penis has caused me great shame and embarrassmment around males as I am almost always considerably smaller in comparison when exposed in the various public arenas such as urinals, showers, change rooms etc. Generally any male over the age of 9 or 10 years old has more hanging between their legs than me. And after a swim (even considering most others would suffer shrinkage as well) mine shrivels up to baby-size proportions and only the youngest boys in the room compare with me .
litlebigman2 litlebigman2 51-55, M 11 Responses Jul 7, 2010

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I can honestly say that I don't give a flying **** about penis size. I totally know how you guys feel because I'm a girl with tiny boobs and it's a HORRIBLE feeling, especially when size is deemed so important. But trust me, I don't even know any girls that care about penis size. It's something guys have put on themselves, they all think that girls care a ton and they really don't. Just something to think about :]

sounds like a lovely little peepee some say small some say just right

i know how u feel i am 2 to 2.5 inchs soft 5 inchs 12 yr old neighbor girl and her friend caught me naked and they laughed telling me i was smaller then boys at school.her friend told me her 10 yr old brother bigger.

Wow, i am like you. I am hung like a 8 year old boy and there is nothing that you can do. i agree with<br />
other posters and you should shave or severly trim the pubic hair as mine tends to get lost in it.<br />
I hate the fact that I have to find it in the hair to pee. I tend to shave but leave a small tuft of hair<br />
just above the penis (like some woman leave above their ****) this gives the small boy look with a twist. as far as comparisons well I know where you are comming from.

defintely know what you're saying littlebigman - big strapping guy here but sporting a penis smaller than the average 12 year olds. Guys will always look at you and treat you differently after they know you're hung like a kid- they simply won't see you as a real man or an equal anymore. So the gym locker room and shower holds a special terror and thrill for me.

at some point.. it really does matter 'cos insecurities lead to affect other aspects in life. it might not be late to take a try & work at maximizing a few things in life.... goodluck! there are links below that can be of help... why dont you take it a try...<br />
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i have 2.5'' erect if i marry a girl can i fulfill her.....................

we have alot in common

I have shaved my pubic hair on occasion and though - yes it is easier to extract my penis from my trousers to pee - and yes it does make it appear marginally bigger - however (particularily after a swim etc when it shrinks to even tinier proportions) without the hair it looks not like that of a young boy but like a baby and that is even more embarrassing in the change room and shower

I know how you feel. I am average with my 5 inch, but I have seen yo many boys 12 to 15 who where more a man than I am. I always am fascinated discovering this! I admire these kids...not in an abusive way...I just think they deserve to be called a man and I am the boy... anyone else?

it's kind of funny to think that a young male that was just getting his first erection could fill my wife's ***** better than I can.