My Freind Is All So Small But Hes a Dude

ill tell you one thing if jonney did not smoke he would have killed him self by now hes always wining and crying about being shorter then other people but i tell him theres nothin to worry about no matter how small you get i will be your friend for every and if you  are wondering how i meet jonny it was one fafal summer morning i was out in California toking up when all the sudden he comes up to me and says hey let me have some i was like i cant give this to minors he was like **** I'm not a minor I'm like 19 i was like oh you are a small person like off of the show little people big world that's awesome and we have been Friends ever since but hes cooler than some of my bigger Friends he actually understands me.

reesethebeast reesethebeast
22-25, M
Mar 26, 2009