Omg!! Smaller! Than 1 Inch!!

I have had the pleasure of of e-mailing some of the members here at ep and I just have to tell you all about one guy's photos.

I've seen some small penises in my time but this one really takes the prize for smallest "member"!

It looks like an extra belly button!!!  I don't see how he jacks off. It was less than one inch! What do guys like this think?

Do they honestly think some woman would want to have sex with them?!? People say "Its not the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean"

Dude I don't care how much motion you have with a penis the size of a breath mint NO Woman is going to have a Good Night with it.

catherine2358 catherine2358
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Micro penis is what they are called. I had a lover would had one and our sex was amazing granted it was all oral but boy it was amazing

what do you think of mine?

want to see small take a look at mine then,,lol

I wondered about a lot also where is this pic

So where are the photos of this?