Omg!! Smaller! Than 1 Inch!!

I have had the pleasure of of e-mailing some of the members here at ep and I just have to tell you all about one guy's photos.

I've seen some small penises in my time but this one really takes the prize for smallest "member"!

It looks like an extra belly button!!!  I don't see how he jacks off. It was less than one inch! What do guys like this think?

Do they honestly think some woman would want to have sex with them?!? People say "Its not the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean"

Dude I don't care how much motion you have with a penis the size of a breath mint NO Woman is going to have a Good Night with it.

catherine2358 catherine2358
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9 Responses Feb 9, 2010

That is tiny. Does it get any bigger?

I'd like your story and your thoughts darling. Is it posible to see the pic of that poor guy somewhere? I have a lust for 9+ but it turns me on just to compare my mans vast cockhead to the whole tiny ***** of that man ! Kiss

sure makes me feel better about mine, im just about 6" x4.5" but have just recently bought a penis enlarger to help my girth im hoping, how thick do i need to be to properly please a woman? some input would be helpful please

Okay okay here it is guys the pix I have now on my profile are from last year... It was 5 1/2" which is not small but not that big.. BUT I got a penis stretcher two mouths ago and wow it works!!! do a search for ( penis stretcher ) and get the 4X I bout a cheap one to see if it would work and yes it dose!!! 6 " now can't wait to see how big I can be..... New pix coming soon give me two or three more mouths and then I'll add more for all to see good luck do it for her and for you but most of all her she will love you for it!!!

want to check mine ????

1 inch? I think Id rather not even have one! I guess I wont complain that Im only around almost 6"

That's not a penis, it is a wort or mole. I would LMAO if he showed me that thing. But if his tounge is good, he could lick me and get me "fluffed" and ready for my bf who has an 8" penis !!

Im a good looking male, who has no problem finding female company but my small penis probably leaves many girls left high and dry. I would send you pics, make them public if you wish so future women already know how pathetic i am x

Check my little **** out and tell me how much fun you think it would give you :)