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My Small Penis Story.

As a only child growing up on a farm in the fifties and sixties, I had no references to my penis size, and assumed I was normal or at least average.   When I was very young, maybe six or seven, two neighbor girls that were in high school, use to call me over to their home, they would suck on my tiny ****, and make me lick them and stick my fingers and hands in their *******.  Of course I was to young to obtain an erection, they would still laugh at me and tell me I had a baby penis.  On the weekends that my parents went out drinking, the girls would come to our house to watch me, they would play sex games with me until their boyfriends got there, then they would make me watch as they had sex with the boys, most likely the event that started me on my voyeuristic tendencies that I still enjoy today.

I was lucky, as a young teenager, around the age of 13, I happened on by chance another neighbor that had small children, she was in her mid thirties.  While playing with her children during the summer months, I noticed that everyday at lunch time, the rural mail carrier would stop at their home and spend an hour inside.  Her children advised that their mother told them that they could not come in the house until the mailman left.  Of course with this being summer time, and before air conditioned homes, meant that windows were open.  I would sneak up and peek into the bedroom window and watch as she had sex with the mailman.  This was perfect for me to get my voyeurism fix and ************ fix all rolled into one.  One day, while watching, and ************, I was so involved in my own ******, that I failed to notice that she had gotten out of bed and walked to the window and was looking at me.  When she called out my name, I was horrified and ashamed, and caught red handed.  She told me to get away from the window and that she wanted to talk to me later.  I was worried that she was going to tell my parents and I was going to get beaten.  After the mailman left, she called me into her home.  She wore a white short robe and told me to sit down, ( I can still vividly remember that white robe and her long flowing red hair).  She told me that she had seen me on many occasions outside her bedroom window, and that was wrong and I was invading her privacy and it was illegal.  She then asked me, if I enjoyed watching her? Duh! what was I going to say? I was hanging my head and said, yes.  Then the strangest thing happened, she opened her robe and told me to look at her.  She had perfect breast and a red bush between her legs, she asked me, do you like looking at me, does it make you excited and hard?  All I could do was shake my head, yes.  She told me that she had to take a bath before her husband came home, but if I wanted I could watch her.  She grabbed me by the hand a lead me into the bathroom and I watched as she ran a bath and then disrobed and got into the water.  She then asked me, do you want to ********** again while you watch me bath, my mind was saying yes, but I was nervous and scared so I shook my head, no.  She reassured me that it was okay, for me to pull my pants down and let her see my penis.  I did as she said, but I was embarrassed, because I was so nervous that I was soft and limp.  She looked at me, and told me that I was going to have problems as an adult, she then reached out and touched it, then grabbed it and told me to stand next to the tub, at which point she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it.  My penis still covered in my last eruption, began to grow to it's full length of 4 1/2 inches.  She then stopped her  sucking and looked at my penis up close.  She told me that my erection was nice, but since it was so thin and not very long that I was going to have to learn how to please  my girl friends with something else.  This started my summer long lesson of learning oral, learning finger and tongue drills, and also she allowed me to lose my virginity with her.  I am forever grateful to her.  She also allowed me to watch her with her noon time lover, from a closet in her bedroom, he was all man and had the equipment to prove it.  She would lovingly suck and **** him almost every day.  I would usually ********** and ****** several times during their love making, then after he left, she would invite me in her bed and she would clean me until I came in her mouth, then she would allow me to clean her to ******.  It was a good summer.

During my high school years, I was ridiculed by the boys, and my steady girlfriends always enjoyed my oral activities but not my small pencil penis, they would always dump me for the hung boys, but ask me on the sly if I would preform oral on them when their boyfriends were not around.  I married my high school sweet heart as soon as we graduated high school.  We were married less than a year before she cheated on me, instead of divorcing her, I talked her into allowing me to watch her with her boyfriends.  This worked for the next 16 years, but she finally met an older gentleman that was rich, and she divorced me to marry him.  I still miss her and actions with other men.  But my story does continue.

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my next door neighbor saw mine tooand she teases me when she sees me.

wooww ı wısh ı have a teacher lıke tht lady<br />
you really so lucky :)

come read my story!!!

that was cool at least she wasnt a mean lady