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Too Small For Most Girls

well i've had 2 girl friends and one broke up when she saw my penis it alittle over 1 inch limp and alittle over 3 hard and i only had sex once and that was like 2 weeks back i got laughed at alot cuz of my small penis when i was 15 my lil sis saw it with 3 of her friends they were 11 and they all laughed at it and my mom saw it that time and she laughed at it at first

billy17 billy17 18-21 11 Responses May 15, 2010

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I have a penis about the same size as you. While I have a varied sexual background and interests, it was big enough to please my wife for several years and big enough to produce three children. My point is that it is not too small and don't get fooled into thinking that most men are big, from my experience we are only barely smaller than most men who have about 5 inches. Have hope, when a woman loves you it won't matter how big it is.

yeah i wont give up i'm sure there a girl around my area like you its just i have to find them

never got into humiliating myself to get off

ah c'mon billy ~ get into penis humiliation - it's a huge turn on for some little **** guys - like me!!. Knowing I have such a worthless, pathetic little **** turns me on. I'm ******* my 2 1/2 inch dicklette all day and night fantasizing about huge ***** satisfying size queen beauties. And knowing i'm so inferior makes me *** and ***. I'll probably jerk off the rest of the night fantasizing about muscular hung studs ******* beautiful women while I sit in the corner watching them, ******* off my little dicklette while they laugh at me. omg i'm ready to *** already. See i told you it's great having a 2 1/2 inch dicklette; i only have to satisfy myself - it's the ultimate experience!

yeah thanks i did meet some people on here that seem ok .i dont stress to much anymore on my past events i try to laugh at them .if you cant laugh at yourself who can ya laugh at right .i do have a lack of confidents in myself cuz of thing that happen to me in school and at home .i do understand i put myself in situation that got me embarressed i guess i didnt always think that i my be putting myself in a sticky spot.i couldnt control what the girls or boys would do but i guess i could have been more carefull i guess.i dont know .but im only 17 things may change for the better for me.i hope so

Hi Billy, ye it's really difficult to be laughed at. But you are right, if she was worth a second of your time, she wouldn't have laughed at you, stupid girl. Remember you have people on here you can talk to.

its said size does matter if that was true girls wouldnt laugh at my penis they would give me the chance its just im reallt small most girls see a 1 inch penis they will most likely laugh even when its hard its only 3inchs which is still small if i could only be seen with a hard on i would feel alittle better thou 3 inchs is pretty small still but its better then when im soft

The first thing is to start feeling comfortable with your own skin, and that would include your own penis. Start enjoying it, ************ is for example a way in which you ncan experience sexualpleasure without the fear of somebody laughing at you. Once you realize that you can get pleasure from even the smallest ****, you will be more confident in approaching a girl. If a girl is into you she will enjoy you sexually regardless of your penis size. try to stop worryng about it. People into naturism will tell you that it is not the body that counts, its how how feel about that body. Get some confidence about your own body. Maybe get a good mate of your to go skinny dipping with you as you seem to enjoy it and just be confident about you being naked infront of other people. <br />
I really hate people that belittle anybody about any body aspect.<br />
Good luck!

OK! she wasn't worth it because she was not truly interested in him as a person!<br />
So I assume those of us who are 'little' should always be searching for people who are interested at us as a person!!!<br />
Well there are some news... we also like to have one night stands and we also like to feel sexy with the person we're sharing a night with. If that person makes fun of us it hurts.

yeah i guess thats true we do all have issues with our bodies and i guess if she did really like me she wouldn't have laughed at me

i guess you havnt heard this ITS NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT and if they laughed then she wasnt worth it was she how sad of her you need to realise that if she was genuine she would love you for you not just your penis etc ive had smaller than you and he rocked my world he used all kinds of tec ive also had larger and i didnt like it my husband is about 5 inchs and somtimes he is great and somtimes not but i would never dream of making fun of his equipment we all have issues with our bodys i have large breasts i hate them but woman say how lucky i must be i dont feel lucky however i live with it as there is more to me than **** hope this helps