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I Am Gay And Have A Small Penis...

I know that a lot of straight men really have a hard time with their size. But, being gay with a small penis just amplifies the issue. When you are with a woman, she may just think it is small in her head. But, when you're with another guy, the issue is obvious and unavoidable.

No one has ever said anything negatively about my size, but I can say that there usually isn't a "second time." I also don't understand why people automatically associate having a small penis with the desire to be humiliated. I would just like to find another good guy out there that is small, or small-friendly so I don't have to always second-guess myself.

Any of you out there?
spark14 spark14 31-35, M 116 Responses Jul 6, 2010

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small penis are beautiful i love guys with a small penis love to hear from small penis guys my emails is

Size never mattered to me. Body type was more important. Most of all, the value system ranked high, but I quickly found out that gay (male) values ....are full of loopholes and contradictions. If you're a good guy who gets tossed due to your p***s size, you're with someone who could never be loyal or allow you to feel accepted much less masculine. So, cheer up guys Some of us don't use tapemeasures. :)

Oh my, you are not in the minority. You are more then likely of average size. I am a bi-sexual man who always considered myself smaller than the average male. After a great deal of research I have found that I am of average size both soft and hard. So my love, don't sell yourself short!

I read this and it meant so much to me that I had to post. I have been going through a hard time and honestly, my size is part of the problem. I’m a shorter guy. I’m 5’7” and my penis is proportional 5.5.” I have had some moment where this didn’t matter. I have had many moments where it did. Mainly from men who just wanted a body to use for the night. I didn’t care too much about that, but I have also suffered through two long-term relationships, both abusive in different ways, where I was cheated on in some way close to the end. It is a stab in your pride, but it’s even worse when it feels like your exes can bounce back and you can’t.

I’m not an ugly guy. I’m a very light skinned Latino. So light skinned most people think I’m white. I workout, have a broad chest, and a flat stomach. I have large almond shaped eyes that almost look Egyptian and I get hit on quite often, but I can’t follow through because I’m afraid they’ll turn me away over the size of my erection. I also have a type with I’ll admit is taller and little lanky which makes things a bit harder. See, because I’m short, I feel as though I am expected to be a power bottom. I’m used to guys sending me picks of their big dicks and expecting me to come running with my pants down. I hate that. I hate being labeled and the expectation that I want a large penis inside me. I don’t. It hurts! I don’t know what people who like them have had to do to adjust, but I don’t need it. I also like topping. I’m a true Verse. I love taking turns. There is nothing sexier then lifting my partner halfway off the bed and giving it to him only to have him pin me down and return the favor.

When men I find attractive approach me I often shy away because I don’t believe they’ll accept me as a person. I feel like almost all the men I meet that I find attractive just want to use me and toss me aside. I have been in relationships where that was the case. I suppose, I just don’t trust men anymore. I don’t have a reason too. I have good strong family values. My family loves me as a gay man and accepts me. I wish I could find a guy to share that with who would appreciate it. Maybe I’ll keep trying.

I'm here, have the same problem. I am so afraid of being humiliated that I haven't had tried to have a sex life or a lover since I was 17. Being gay and a five inch **** is definitely a problem. I get hit on all the time and can't even go home with someone because I'm so ashamed.

Glad to know im not the only one

I know how you feel. I feel the same way and it totally sucks! You start to get self-conscious and stuff just goes downhill from there. I feel that it is hard to find someone that will take you for who you are. But hopefully someone is out there for both of us.

I bet your small penis is beautiful i love guys with a small penis

I love sucking on a small penis they don't gag me and if I want to get ****** we can use a ***** together like I did with my Exgirl friend

would ove to meet you

guys you dont understand how much hope this gives me im only 17 ang gay and asian so the odds are against me here but its giving me hope

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I am a well hung man (10.5incs.) and i'm small-penis friendly. I still looking for a man who is not all about sex and he fits my taste and has a small penis.

Hi love to chat to you

coffeeboy keep lookin' there is a sweet thang for eveyone out there.

It is good to know guys like smaller size as well. I am just about 5" with athletic body. Learning anatomy from medical school, even 3-4" is adequate to be a great top. It really depends on the angle of thrusts that matters most.

I agree that lots of gay men focus too much on this department. There is so much more in a relationship than just penis. I hope someday to find my dream guy that think that way as well.

Is there a social/support group for gay men with teeny peenies. I would like to such a group. I'm in bBaltimore

It is good to know others are out there would be good to talk with you

Im brazillian, Im gay and I have a small penis. Someone live in Rio and would like meet me?

I'm gay and find small men hot :P

It's so good to see that there are more of us here. I'm 43 and have long felt alone here In socal

Never really knew what to call my size even though I have been left hanging because of it not being what someone expects. It can be and in some cases is disheartening when we are judged by the equipment we have between our legs. But if you let that stop you though then you have a long road ahead of you. It's hard being judged by d*** size truly it is but you keep pushing and try to stay strong and stop second ALLOWING others to mess your head up.

LMAO Funny story for everyone. I myself just recently got shot down, again, by another guy looking for sex, and that person hit me up for sex. If I hit you up then okay I get it I move on somehow because that doesn't hurt don't ask why it doesn't. But they hit on me! LMAO How do you say "hey I like you lets hook up" to someone then shoot them down when you don't see the size you want. That is f***** up ain't LMAO. Now of course at the moment it happened I was brought low... but you can't stay like. It's depressing as hell and I don't know about anyone else but I got tired of depression a long time ago. So I pick myself up and keep pushin.

I don't know if I helped someone or not but I hope I did. Confidence is hard to attain when your similar to me for example and have had very little confidence but confidence in what you have and your ability to use it is what's most important.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Katt Williaims, "you got to be in tune with your star player."

I'm 21 average body Latino, I have had a hard time dating because of my size down there, I am only 3.5" erect. I feel so lonely because I feel like I'm never going to find a man into me. I'm looking for a masculine 'top' that doesnt care about penis size and wants a man with a good heart.

You seem cool (:

What's your number ?

I'm only into guys with small ones, if you are up for chat send me a message

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

want to talk?

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

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I'm in my mid 30s now and being small (5.5'' to be exact) doesn't bother me as much as it used to. But in the past it has prevented me from going out with some guys because I was afraid of being rejected. People say that I'm attractive and I get compliments when I'm out with friends or at the gym. But I rarely pursued anybody. The thought of being turned away because the size of my penis was reason enough to avoid getting too involved. I still managed to be in a few serious relationships but they didn't last very long.

Over the years I realized that if I ever wanted to be happy with myself, I needed to face my fears. I'm not going to lie, It's a work in progress, but I already feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I'm still single but I believe that eventually I'll find the right man. I've only been with guys with big or average d****, which I don't mind, but it would be nice to meet someone smaller too. There's this sort of vulnerability that I personally find very attractive. Plus small d****are beautiful!

So I want to believe that there are other men like me in Southern California but I'm wondering where they are. Come on guys! ;)

I live in SoCal. I hope we can form a small community here!

Yay !

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

Wow love your story

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I am Asian, six feet one, fit and a good-looking normal, hard-working, well-mannered guy but with an abnormal problem. <br />
<br />
I get attention from people of all races often, but because of this issue I usually stop reciprocating if I sense disappointment after revealing my size.<br />
<br />
I have been teased and made to feel like a freak when talking to some other gay guys met online. I am in my mid-20s but have never had the courage to even try to look for love. <br />
<br />
I hope to meet guys that are similar in build and height, under 40, and have the same problem. Click on my profile and send me Msgs, I very much love to get to know you. Distance is not a problem. <br />
<br />
One lonely soul for another. Are you out there? E

Reading these posts and comments have given me a wealth of relief. :) I'm 27 and to this day I'm still a virgin bc of my deep insecurities of my 5" penis. Im chubby, 6' and 260lbs. And though I get attention, I have never reciprocated. I have become an avid adult film watcher and would please myself almost daily to get my rocks off. But I'm finally starting to date and wanted to see if there were people who felt the same so I can overcome this insecurity. I can just imagine the opportunities I've missed.

Congrats. I am looking to start to date as well. I hope he is someone from here :-)

Yes, I am here. I am small (and small friendly) and agree with you.........I certainly don't wish to be huniliated

I'm 50 and my penis is 4.5 inches hard, an inch when soft.

I would date you--to me it isn't the size but quality of person. Plus--I already have a large penis. I have always dated and enjoy smaller men.

I'm 21 year old. I know I have been genetically blessed in couple of different ways. I'm tall, have perfect teeth, bright blue eyes, and I've been told I'm good looking. I'm 21 now and live in an area with plenty of gay bars. When I go out, someone always offers to buy me a drink which is nice when I'm low on money, but I just feel like they are always expecting something in return. When I lost my virginity the guy I was with was WAY to big for a virgin. It wasn't really fun... My **** is 5 inches long and I haven't got much girth. I have always been self conscious about the size of my penis. The last guy I was seeing was was 27 and really great shape. Pretty handsome and well educated. His **** and mine were pretty much identical. It made me not feel so alone. I've definitely turned down hot guys because I thought I was inadequate. It's only when I am totally smashed I just don't give a ****. Or when I find a guy that is like me.

I know I have no control of the size of my ****, and right now I'm just trying to learn how to play the cards I was dealt. I know there are guys all over the world with smaller penises, but this blog really makes me feel a lot less alone.

just looking at your username I thought you were Asian? I am a tall and fit 25 yo Asian with the same problem. I know life is going to be difficult for me but I just have to be strong.

Hey if you are up for some chat send me a message :)

I'm 22. I used to think I was average till I met a guy who got me to measure it. His was massive over 5 inches soft (8.2 hard) where as mine measured 3.8 inches hard. He said it's too small for him. Do you think theirs people that prefers smaller ones?

yes there are that prefers small one!! I have about 6 1/2 inches but on the thin side. I like small ones

I have a small penis and have a deep feeling of affinity with others who also have a small penis..........I love them

I feel your pain. Like you, I have never had anyone say anything negative about my size, until the last guy I dated. I thought my size wasn't an issue. One day, we were joking around and I jokingly said something about getting a size extender...and he actually started having a serious conversation about it. It made me realize that others guys have done the same. I workout daily...I have a six pack and am in great shape, but lately it seems like I'm just meeting guys that are majorly hung. Like you I want to find someone who truly doesn't care....I'm in my 40's now, and when I was younger it never bothered me...but I've avoided sex now on occasions. I hope to find a guy who loves me for me....

So I believe that this topic is old, but for the sake of people still reading, I thought I should post. I was on this site browsing through some other topics, then fell on this one, and I indeed have a lot to say about it.

I am 22 years old, about 6.5 inches, gay, and a bottom. My boyfriend is 23, around 4-4.5 inches, and the best top I have ever been with.

My previous boyfriend was large, something that I, at that point in my life , thought was important. I never had the desire to be a top, as I have more of a submissive nature in the bedroom, so bottoming for this guy who was easily 8 inches, curved and thick, was fun when we were in the starting stages of discovering eachother, i.e. ********, handjobs...but when it came to intercourse, it was a nightmare.

I never let him in all the way, and it could just be me, but it was just not possible, i felt he would rip me open or something. I was never really self-conscious about my size, as most of my sexual experiences prior to me coming out and having sex with men were usually positive ones. But as much as I wanted to bottom for this guy, I couldn't do it without it being a difficult task and sometimes it would get to the point of anger for him and sadness for me.

I went a long time without having sex/dating, until I met my current boyfriend 3 years ago. He's 6'2'', broad and beautiful, a man's man if there ever was. Before we were intimate, I fantasized about him and because my only experiences with guys was my ex with the big penis, I imagined him with one too.

When we began talking about being intimate, he shied away from it quite a bit, to the point where he had to sit me down and 'confess' to me that he was small and that he understood if this was a deal breaker. I was in love with him at this point and to be honest, I clearly remember not caring.

We tried with me as a top for a good while, but I had a lot of issues with it, and by nature he was a top and I was a bottom and we were only going against this for penis size. I told him I didn't care because if he could get it inside me, that's all that I would need.

And he definitely could.

3 years later, sex is still amazing. He can make me gag when I go down on him. He hits the prostate every time, and has given me prostate ******* before. With a bigger than average guy, you must always prepare for sex diligently, (I.E. douching, enema), where a guy who is just enough to rub the prostate well enough, of course you would practice proper hygiene at all times, but there is a spontaneous aspect to it that you couldn't have with carefully planned sex with a donkey penis.

Sorry for the long post, but that being said, I hope that gives some of you hope that there is most defintely people with great personalities and charming aspects who will accept you. Honestly, with my boyfriend, what he lacks in length, he makes up for it in girth. His knob is huge, it's the best thing to suck on, like a spherical lollipop, and even sometimes it takes a little coaxing to get it inside me.

have faith. there is nothing wrong with you. the prostate is 2-3 inches within the rectum, so in my head, at least to me, what's the point of having 8 inches when 4-5 inches is mooooore than enough? Not to hate on those who are bigger, mind, but for those who are smaller, you have what it takes to be tops, don't let mainstream/gay media tell you youre less of a human for it.

Well you guys I am a 25 years old, 6 foot masculine Latino with big arms and a big chest (like a slim beefy football player) I get constant compliments about my good looks but there is only one small thing... I have a 5 inch penis. People assume because I am so "MANLY" that I have magical one. Well thats definitely not the case.
My longest relationship was with a Puerto Rican who actually was in LOVE with me (obsessed even). He said that he didnt like big ones because they hurt. He would even sometimes complain about me??!!!?? He was about maybe 6.5 inches (what I think is huge) but skinny. I thought I was going to marry the dude but sadly I started to find out that he was a felon, liar, manipulator and had an alcohol problem.
To be honest my friends, he gave me the biggest confidence boost EVER!!! To this day I still do feel shy about my size but IT does not stop me from having sex whenever I need it. I do come off as a bottom first in order to make sure I get some though lol Even if its a one night stand I don't really care more. As long as I'm using PROTECTION, worrying about my responsibilities, concentrating on fitness, and finishing school I AM OK!! When I become successful I'm sure I will find someone even if it takes a little bit of money to help. Don't want to seem shallow or materialistic but MONEY TALKS.
All in all CONFIDENCE IS KEY!!!! Goodnight my friends :)

My small penis is destroying my life. I cant "allow" myself to either be close to someone or even have a one night stand. It is destroying my life and soul and pushing me pretty close to the edge of suicide. All guys seem to want huge ***** and you have to be careful with gays because they gossip. I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life - well since late teens (now 33) - and this is another layer of hurt I don't need. I pray one day I find someone who doesn't care but I am fast running out of hope. This is living-pain.

I MUCH prefer them smaller. There are plenty of guys like me out there. You can't give up. You will find someone who accepts you for who you are and not some **** you had no control over.

buddy if you were here in san diego i would totally give you all the love and attention that you need because you should not have to go through that kind of pain. Hugs to you friend. by the way my penis is around 4 inches but it works like a charm. hehe

I am in your case, only much younger. I could really use the support and talking to you...

I will add that 'dating' someone first in my experience to get to know them better doesn't seem to make a huge difference compared to hooking up right away - if size matters to them, then even if you wait until the 8th date, they will dump you. I think trying to find sexual compatibility sooner rather than later is preferable to having your heart crushed from a matter so sensitive.

I agree, just be mindful that if he just came out of a long relationship and continues to see you that "love" is still in his mind. He will not start noticing your penis size until later. It happened to me..

I would usually do the same. Let him know what I have and see if he cares

Hello all,I to have a small penis and I love it.It's 4 or 5" fat and I am a super chubby and I love small penis.To me it sexy and hot to see a small or smaller penis.Mush love and care.So hit he up..( thank you!!

Personally if I'm to be topped from time to time I prefer a less than average penis. Because a large one hurts

My **** is approximately 5" and average in girth. Flaccid it looks small. This is a subject area that as a gay man at age 33 I feel I have sufficient experience to share about. I will admit my motivation is fueled at this point by an unpleasant experience as of late that forced me into sharing on this forum finally.

Starting at age 18 when I came out, I never realized that my **** was small compared to other men. There were no gym locker room experiences, no comparisons to other boys growing up. I just thought of my size as 'normal'. It wasn't until I came out at age 18 that I realized that there was a problem. I would meet guys, we would put our hands down each other's pants and then the guys would turn over and fall asleep. As a result I would go for long periods without searching for sex and only pleasure myself. This contributed to a sense of feeling like a 'non-sexual being' as I related to other gay men. I turned to drugs and alcohol to fill this void for about 4 years from age 20 until age 24 with very little sex during those 4 years - the sexual experiences I did have during this time didn't go well. When I came into a drug-alcohol recovery center at age 24 I became clean and sober and began examining my life under the care of a sponsor and therapist. This helped tremendously to boost my self-esteem despite this ongoing issue.

A common theme I used to run into on older internet forums on this topic focused on 'confidence' as being the solution to the problem. If only I were to express more confidence I would have a better shot at having great sex with repeat performances to follow. I personally find confidence to be an artificial expression of sexuality designed to hide an always-present insecurity.

For me, the solution has been to seek out tops and take my chances. The result has been getting lucky every now and then with tops that don't care about a bottom's **** size. I even was in a 6 month long-distance relationship with a model-looking top in the summer of 2012. I have also met tops that were size queens where it didn't work out. Then there is the issue of meeting a guy who is small (but larger than me) and can sense my insecurity before even taking off our boxers and so he dumps me (which is what happened this past week). I once heard a friend admit to having a small **** but rejecting other guys if they were smaller than he was. And do you know what? I am guilty of doing the same.

I have to keep searching until I find someone where we have sexual chemistry and then hope it continues as long as possible and then when it ends, look for someone else with that same compatibility.

Just my two cents ...

I was scared to even google "gay small ****"

My **** is about 5 inches, 4.5 around and I've always held a really intense insecurity about it. I am 6'1, 200 pounds, was on the football team in high school and have hair on my chest and trying not to sound like a **** but guys are pretty into me, but so many times I've just let guys slip away or pushed them away because I couldn't handle the thought of us having sex once and then never hearing from them again.

I've missed out on so much sex and so many guys because of my sometimes irrational gripping fear that my **** is too small, honestly sometimes in my mind I think it's better that they think I'm the hot guy that got away then them finding out that my **** doesn't necessarily match up with the rest of my otherwise good looking body.

I had my first gay experience when I was 13 and even at that point I knew the guy I was with had a bigger **** than I did and it pissed me off.

Sharing the showers for the first time was terrifying but thank god the guys on the team knew me and liked me and nothing bad was ever said, at least in front of me.

So many people for so long wonder why I'm always perenially single and I've never had the courage to really tell anyone, not even my family.

When I say that this webpage, at this very moment, is the first time I've heard this issue being discussed I'm speaking the truth, I feel like its my own ******* insecurities holding me back from getting into a relationship because I don't think I could handle a guy dumping me and then finding out it was because of my ****.

Because of my physical size and demeanor most guys assume that I'm some kind of macho top with a huge ****, and it makes me angry to think I'm being a ***** by being so insecure and not living up to my potential by avoiding sex and the possible humiliation that would follow.

Other guys mentioned a hook-up or dating website for guys with average to below average **** sizes and I think that it would be a great idea, and make my life and a whole ****-ton of other guys' lives better too.

Just listening to you guys has made things a bit easier...some days are better than others but sometimes I get pretty depressed and I hope that by sharing this little bit I might bring back someone from the edge or encourage them to take a chance and just be comfortable in their own skin.

I was very self-conscious about my size all my life, but being relationship oriented, I've never had any trouble with guys reacting badly. What turned my life around was dating a guy who was about the same size as me (4 inches) and realizing that he was the sexiest guy I'd ever been with. And since then, I prefer short guys. Interesting, huh?

I did read on a survey of gay men that about ten percent of men prefer small penises and 70 percent don't care about size at all.

You'll have to be a little brave here in order to be happy and find true love, but penis size is mighty irrelevant once you start talking about love.

Good luck!

you sound sexy as f***! i'm about the same size and prefer smaller sizes. i have a similar experience in that most people look at me and assume i have a large member down there and so i'm attracting the wrong people. i have experienced a lot of rejection from it though and i'm perpetually single and attribute a lot of it to that- which seems like bullsh** but i think accurate. sorry for all the punctuation and case issues here I'm on an iphone and leave all the self correcting features off. anyway if u'd like to talk sometime. i'd really be into that :)

Personally, I think a guy with a small **** is awesome. I mean... I'm saying a person, not his penis, but I don't think bigger means better.

hi gay with small penis. i to am not hung and only 4" hard and small girth. i think most people are brain washed into thinking bigger is better. i too wish i could find a BF who liked me for what i have but i like the barely legal guys which i'll never find one who wants me for me and what i have. it is a burden being small unless u find the right guy.

i feel the same way

Hi, I'm 33, used to be a model til I got "to old" and I'm a lil above average; 7.5 inches. I feel bad for those of you who are having trouble with this issue and I know I cannot understand as well as someone that has a rather small penis can. However, I do want you to know that there is no reason to be ashamed of who you are and what you got. As long as you are an amazing person, with an amazing personality who is loving and caring, your size shouldn't matter. If someone is to shallow to look past that, they don't deserve you. Now, if you're just looking to have sex and that's all the other person is looking for too, sure, you may have a problem. I never understood that lifestyle and have always respected myself to much to just go after sex and nothing else. I think if some of you approached things wanting to date instead of just wanting to hookup, you would meet some quality people. PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT ~ Kevin

Thank you for your comment. I can tell it came from the heart.

hellz yea, thanx for that, kevin. its nice to have an opinion from the other side of the subject. though it sux and really wears on my self esteem, when its all said and done, i feel the same way. it really is all about whats goin on on the inside, cuz really, what do u do after u get off and smoke that cigarette?

Great post, Kevin. I agree with you. Although there were times in my youth, I'm definitely not the type of guy that can just hook-up with someone. I agree that love should embrace acceptance of each other's shortcomings. And I have had the opportunity to chat/talk with some amazing guys on here that would fit that bill. So, although the original post (4 years ago) was more of a plea for help, I think this has turned more into a group discussion and support group. Thanks again for your great words!

I won't repeat everything already said. My situation is a bit worse, but I'm so uncomfortable about it I can't even write about it. The depression brought about by my inability to have a relationship or get close to someone, coupled with the likelihood of that being a situation that will last the rest of my life, has led me to feel suicidal. It's always been in the back of my mind, but each year it's getting stronger and stronger. I'm 26 now and don't know what I'm going to do. In an attempt to fit in with others I've become a total alcoholic and drug abuser because it gives me an escape from the constant cloud of depression. Subliminally I think I'm abusing my body this badly so the choice of death is taken out of my hands. I attract people all the time and have to make excuse after excuse, not just to the people who want to take things further, but friends and family who can't work out why someone like me, who has an outgoing personality and not a bad face has been single their entire life. I've had sex, but only when out of my face. I've never had a *******. I'm ashamed of myself, I hate myself and I don't see it getting any better. However, the replies here have been amazing. It's been nice to see other people understand this burden. So thanks to everyone who has replied, it's at least made tonight easier.

You can't fear rejection. Even people with monster penises get rejected sometimes. If your size really becomes an issue, move on until you find someone that doesn't mind it. You can't just assume nobody is ever going to be interested in you, and give up. There are good people out there. Keep your head up.

Chin up, big guy. I also get questioned as to why I don't date, talk to that guy, etc. I've found that totally digging into a project or hobby is helpful. Sure, it doesn't replace companionship. However, it does bring you closer to people that like the same things as you - a definite first step in the direction of building self-confidence. I've also found that being semi-honest in a group setting has helped. If someone says something about penis size, I do the semi-joking responses like "Yup - I'm hung like a badger." It allowed me to see that the subject isn't too serious - and definitely not anything that should stop us from living a fun life.

I really hope things are getting a little better for you, and come back to check posts if they help. You sound like an asset to the world, and we definitely need you to shine.

I know how you feel. every day i feel like a make a connection just by looking at someones eyes, i am constantly reminded of what i have and i just turn away. maybe one day my fears will go away and i'll just go for it. as of today not one date with anybody...ever but i have to be hopeful.

Wow I am firstly so surprised to see so many responses and so many people sharing the exact same insecurities that I have about myself.<br />
Like so many others have said, it's this exact reason that I still to this day have not ever sought after a relationship.It is one of my biggest insecurities that it dictates how I socialise with people in some ways.<br />
I will always friend zone people I meet purely because I always think they would be horrified to see my body and my size.<br />
So I just always make sure that I'm never a romantic option to anybody by just always saying I really enjoy my singleness.In fairness I actually really do enjoy my singleness and I'm generally not the flirty kind of guy so this particular life style choice was easier for me to make.<br />
<br />
I am just so scared because in the world of gay men, size matters a lot more because I feel in some ways men are more sexually driven than females, and so bringing that into an equation of two men and it's common to see hypersexuality almost.I mean, the only readily available media portrayal of gay men is mostly to do with the 'internet' (ahem lol) which just feeds the drive wanting 'bigger' sizes and the insecurity of being smaller.<br />
<br />
Since people have openly shared their sizes, I will return the deed so that I can add to people feeling a little more empowered knowing that they aren't alone and that there is someone out there who is your size also.<br />
My penis size is 12cm erect, just short of 5 inches and it's girth is roughly 4.3 to 4.5 inches circumference. <br />
My penis has a slight bend to it reducing my potential length by 1-1.5cm so it could have actually just reached a little over the 5 inches mark if it were straight.<br />
<br />
I'm so glad I happened to find this because even though it might be a smaller (not pun intended lol) community, I feel like I can be happier and be myself here and not have to worry so much about size.<br />
It gets tiring constantly having your guard up so I feel like I can relax and just be in good company :)<br />
Thank you to all who have shared your sizes and stories, it really actually helped encourage me to not feel so 'ashamed' of my own body.

Don't let shallow people like that upset you, my ex boyfriend had a really big **** and I hated it! Never enjoyed sex with him, the guy I'm seeing now has the smallest I've seen and he's amazing in bed! It's not the size it's how you use it :)

thanks for joining in ablue13!

I feel the same way.

At least you arent me, a shark bit off my penis. Things havent been the same obviously and i hate that shark but i stay positive everyday

shut up! where do u live that that happened at?

I hope everything works out for you. I think I understand what you're feeling.
xo, Isabella

hey, bub,
my boyfriend (the only time ive ever found love at first sight) just broke up with me using a lame-*** excuse, but i know why; my penis size. it really sucks. i actually just got out of the hospital due to suicidal ideations. all because of my **** size!
my penis size has actually kept me from seeking significant others or staying in a relationship, cuz it seems like gay guys mostly only care for one thing (besides physique), and thats penis size! i dont brag, but ive been told my whole life that im "hot". in fact, ive roped in some real hotties by my looks alone. but like you, once sex, or being naked in front of the other becomes a factor, things change...
perhaps there should be a dating site for good-looking gay guys with not so big dicks :-/ lol

i hear ya

Hi guys! I read most of your posts and it feels AMAZING to know that I am not alone in the world. I am 37, attractive, sportive, educated and with a 11 cm penis (hard). I honestly cannot complaint about my luck with men, but so far I had 3 very painful and uncomfortable experiences, the last one very recently. I am dating a very special guy, a person with whom I share many things in common. Everything seemed perfect at the beginning, until the day that he saw me naked. He is very handsome and has a huge penis, and as he has only have one very long relationship before me, I assume that his ex was huge too. The thing is that even though we get along very well, have lots of fun together, etc., the sex has become a real issue. That very first time (and the only one) that he gave me a blow job, I noticed that something changed in him. But it took me some weeks until he told me the truth because he felt pretty bad with himself. And here is the thing: I am feeling very uncomfortable and unhappy with the situation, because though I know that he loves me and that he likes me, I know that he is so into big ***** that he feels uncomfortable with me as well. So I feel terrible because he hardly touches it and has not made me a blow job again, and he feels terrible because he wishes he would not mind but he does. I really don´t know what to do. I do like this guy a lot, there are already feelings involved, but I notice myself not feeling comfortable during sex or naked before him. And from his part, he tries to avoid sex as much as possible because he does not know how to deal with it. Now he wants to visit a psychiatrist in order to see if there is any way he can ¨change¨ or do about it. I really don´t know what to do. I mean, I would love to be with him, but I don´t know if the price for me is too high. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Cheers!

i tell myself that if a man is shallow enough to let the size of your penis look at you like any less of a man, he is not worth my time. truth be told, if a man is that concerned with your size then your relationship will never breech the surface and will be superficial to the end. even if he "cant help it" or tries with all his might to overlook it, its still a subconcious drive, and will always be a leading motivation of his. yea, somethings you just cant change... lol

What stands out to me is that the guy is trying. Now, some can see it as being shallow where others can see that as an expression of caring. I can't honestly say, since I'm not in the exact situation. I will say this... If you can't feel comfortable around a person that you care for the most and spend the most time with, then it's not healthy to stay in that situation. You can never set the price on self-worth too high, my friend. :)

i have been in a similar situation before but probably in a shorter amount of time. I decided to make it easier for him so I left. He never wanted to hurt me or humiliate me and I understood it. I thanked him for bringing me the happiness I had never experienced in my life before. nowadays I would much prefer to get to know someone who share the same problem as well.

You are not alone.

I am 6ft 3" and my penis is 3".5 inches erect.
I am gay, 22, slim and basically horrible at dating...
On gay apps, or relationship sites it usually asks you to display the size of your manhood and whether it is cut/uncut.
I leave this part blank, and I receive messages for hook ups and sometimes that's all I want, but I dont follow them through. We talk for a bit until he says "I bet you have a big one", "got a pic ;)"...then I run away. Even if I meet someone really nice, sweet and wants a relationship, as soon as sex comes up I run away because I feel like I have lied to them, or led them on, and there is no way I can come clean then and say " oh actually, no, its very small" or "by the way, I might have ticked your boxes elsewhere but get ready for a big X in your **** box".
I don't want my size to be an issue, I don't want it to be a turn off or even selling point. I don't want to trap or trick someone into liking me by talking to them,taking them on dates and telling them all my best jokes for it to come to sex where he's disappointed and has to walk away.
Should I come with a warning?

I've often warning if I should come with a warning as well. I'll tell you that I have 'tested' screen names on dating sites and apps. Ones that elude to having a small package. Here's the kick - yes, there are guys out there that like or don't mind someone with a small penis. However, it then seemed like that's ALL they wanted to talk about. But, that's the nature of apps and sites like that. Most people just wanting to hook up. That's the reason I do like this site. It's just a good place for people to come together and just be honest for a change.

Personally, I love big guys with small dicks. But **** size doesn't really matter. It's what's in your head and heart that makes love grow.

If you "came with a warning" then I wouldn't be intimidated and probably be happier in the long run. Just letting you know because there are tons of guys out there and we all have our insecurities.

Hi I'm a latin good looking guy. My penis is 7.5 thin but I also know I see it thinner then it really is. Having a Thin penis has led me to have traumatizing experiences in sex and in love. Men don't take me seriously. I don't wanna show my penis. For some reason I attract men with huge penis. I was celebant for 2 years because I was ashamed to show my penis. I'm a good looking guy, nice body, nice ***, funny nice smile and caring. I went on a date the other day with a 6' Latin hunk with a body like Zeus, but I noticed him shaking because of me. ;) But once we went on our second I was very insecure when time came to take off our clothes. The guy was hung like a horse and thicker than I've seen in ****. He said he liked mine but I can't but think it's just a guy being a guy and not trying to make me feel uncomfortable. When it came time to have sex he turned off the light and would not **** me facing each other. In the past men have done that to me because they don't wanna see my thin penis. I feel this is taking over my life. I have totally erased the possibility of ever finding love or knowing what it feels like to be loved because of my penis. I have small balls to, I feel I was cursed by someone. I'm really unhappy.


Hi im guillermo im 22 and i have to say that i love smaller pennis.
They are perfect and i can actually enyoy them more.
Im small fan
Big willis always hurt me

Hi all - It has been a while since I've been here, but I have read all of the posts as they occurred throughout the months. I first want to say "thank you" to everyone for your comments and stories. I hope anyone that comes to this page can leave with a little more confidence in themselves. Feel free to continue commenting and posting your personal stories or responses to others. I will also try to begin becoming more active again in my interactions.

As a result of our actions, this has become a featured story with EP. We are up to almost 17K views, and have the most comments in the "I have a small penis" experience. I invite everyone to continue to keep this alive with comments and rate ups. I hope to gather enough interest to begin a "larger" project (no pun intended, lol) for people who are small or small-appreciation.

- Spark

Lol I am , I'm perfectly happy and you should be too ! ;)

I'm here in Germany with a 4" machine...

Most gay men are real size queens. That sucks

Spark, experience and other folks here on EP will get you over this. WAYYYY too many fish in the sea to worry about you finding Mr. Right. I wasn't even trolling and one feel in my lap last year. There are numerous small lovers and you will not be lonely for long, the responses here prove that.

I Hear you loud & clear I am here I'm 42 years young I have a small penis & I Love other men with a small penis mine is about 4.3+ when hard add me as a friend & you can see how small it is!

Don't worry, I'm married and the wife loves a small ****
She makes me show it to her lady friends.
I obey because I'm a sissy boy

I only have 4.5 in i understand how u feel. Its not just because i am small that i prefer my partners smaller but i love small ****. Fits places better

I have small size isue but I am perfectly satisfy with it ...

When I first met my "man" I told him that I was not that big. However, I need not have worried as he gave me the best BJ that I had had in many years. But when I saw his "private property" I could not get over how large he was. I could not even get my mouth anywhere near taking it all in. But my "man" told me not to worry about mine being small as I was just what he wanted. Cannot wait until the next time.

Your story just made mine go hard as I love sucking on small ones they are the best! I meet a man &amp; he told me he also had a small one well we went back to his place &amp; we tried a 69er I couldn't even fit his nob in my mouth I don't know who told him he had a small one but I'm glad I didn't meet that bloke!! he wasn't small at all. anyway just saying yours sounds nice! I would love to suck you off!!

I am 4" erect and it has actually stopped me from having sex with a guy i met about a month ago. Not only do i feel insecure abouy my size, but the fact that i am not very experienced in bed, and that he has confessed to me he was the queen of dicks in his recent past has made me feel more self concious about it. He says he's been ****** by small dicks and large ones, and enjoy both. Somehow i am skeptic, and think that what we have may end up if he is unsatisfied. He has a twitter account where he follows giant dicked guys, and though it may only be a self confidence issue from me, it makes me think i won't be up to his needs. :(

Men with small penis's are hot

Hi I have a small **** about 4.3" on the hard side! you sound hot to me I would love to meet you!! I don't like anything over 5"

Hi, I'm 41 and thought I was the sexual adventurer. I have been sexually active with men since I was 12, so probably had over a 1000 different encounters. However up until 4 years ago, I was a d**k size queen and if you weren't 7" plus I wasn't interested. That was until i met my soul and life mate. Im versatile btw and 8". He has a 4" tool that I idolize. I used to think I was a bit of a stayer when it came to sex, but I just couldn't go for long sessions either due to oral and anal as either entry would start to hurt and sometimes i couldnt go hard because of this pain. Well I now make love very often, the sexual highs are higher than I have ever reached before and we have even had full day sessions... I worship his perfectly shaped donger and he loves that I can be attached to it for hours ;)
He still has issues with penetration (his own insecurities), but when he succumbs to my persistent requests for him to top me, he is unbelievable and to this day has been the only guy to make me ******, without either of us touching my member. I ache for it morning noon and night. I so believe now, it's not about the size, but very much how you use it. You can keep your 7" plus away from me thanks, as I've found better ;)

The gay world needs to replicate you! You gave me some hope. Slim hope but hope that one day a man will love me - small **** and all. Thank you, thank you for sharing and helping.

I'm a Gay guy with a small 4.5 cut ****. I'm 39 white nice looking hairy guy who lives in Los Angeles. I'm also looking for a Gay guy with a small penis who is hairy. I find that like speaks to like in my book. I find small ***** sexy and of course I have a fetish for hairy guys as well. If you are in my area and intersted send a message. Guys don't feel bad about what you are given instead find ways to make peace with yourself and find what works for you!!


hi there Id like to meet you. im 30, hairy, a red head with beard and around 5.5 inches. is there way to send a private message here. my email address is hadiebrains at hot mail dot com

Hi Smallcocks, I'd love to meet you for lunch some day. I live in West LA and I'm available from Saturday through Wednesday during the day. I'm pretty hairy, too, and only 3 inches erect.

Hey a 59y/0 man wiyh a 2 " **** 4" whem erevt and 6' 5" tall the smaller the **** makes it easiet up my add or im my mouth

I'm bi with a 4.5 inch erect. In my prime I loved shagging women and i thought I was good at it. But as I got older I found that my **** wasn't filling girls up which made me *** a lot quicker. I started to become fascinated in how big other dudes dicks were. I met a gay guy in a club, we got chatting and got on so exchanged numbers. Later that night I decided to meet him at his place, we sat on his sofa and kissed, he was very passionate and manly, I felt overpowered and I liked it. We ******** off, both our ***** were rock hard and his was a lot bigger both in length and girth, it really turned me on. We had amazing sex, it felt great to play with a bigger **** and provide my love hole to a man with a bigger ****. We still meet up now 10 years later, I know my role!!

I'm still fascinated with bigger *****, really turns me on and the feeling of being inadequate and small is sensational.

I now understand why the majority of women like bigger ***** and why some of my sexual partners binned me off!!

Big ***** rule

I'm 18...I'm small and to be honest, I wouldn't worry. If you're looking for love, you'll find it. If the guy's decent, he'll have no problem at all. Once thing I've always worried about is that maybe it's too small to satisfy, but you know what? There are tons of other ways to do satisfy. And again, if he actually loves you, your size will be the last thing on his mind. He'd be more worried if you were a complete jerk and didn't treat him well, make him feel loved and all that. I also read somewhere that decent guys find size less important than features like for example, their smile. And do you really want to be with someone so shallow anyway? You'll spend the whole relationship feeling like you got there because you're hung. I'd personally not like to feel that way. Just wait for the right one. When someone falls in love, it doesn't matter. You just love that person-EVERYTHING about them. And you'll be surprised how much more you appreciate someone when they're completely fine with something like that. It's such an incredible bond. Here's my advice: Concentrate on the things you can actually help. You know, cleanliness, looking after yourself, being well-groomed. Be as totally irresistible as you can be(be it the 'natural' way or the 'fake' way-personally, I find natural bodies a lot more gorgeous, for example-and if you agree and don't want to be 'fake', don't be. There will always be someone who's attracted to your type) Then when you get in there, again with a DECENT guy(besides, who really wants any other kind?) be caring and an attentive lover, listen to him, talk about your sexual fantasies, be spontaneous, show how much you love him, let him know how safe he is with you, be romantic, concentrate on him, kiss him passionately and tenderly, be gentle with him and of course, one really important thing, remember he's going to have his own flaws and insecurities and back to what I said earlier, there's nothing sexier and more touching than a man who tells you he loves you anyway, because that's who you are. It's just so amazing. Yes, I'm going into the touchy feely stuff and a lot of men are going to be all like 'we're men! We don't do that stuff.' Absolute crap, guys. Everyone wants to be loved and feel safe. <br />
You may think this is going off the subject, but it's not at all. It's just showing how irrelevant size is. People forget about romance, true unconditional love, being so in love with someone that all you want to do is commit to them, really sharing your life with someone. There have been more guys who have said stuff like "I just felt like he didn't even care about me" or "he didn't even tell me he loved me" or "I wish he'd just be gentle once in a while. It shows he gives a damn." after a breakup than "well...his **** was just too small." and I promise the guys who have said that are not in any way decent. People need to re-realise the real message. It's love. It's simple as that. With love you need not question anything else.

I am Bi-curious and have a very small ****. I am 68 years old and have had a stroke, however still like to ********** and fantasize of sucking a small ****. If you want to get to know me better, lets talk.

dear chilliwilli22 i enter this site and have read your coment which i liked im 70 yo and have small penis 10 cm semihard because i canot get hard anymore,maybe if i could have a relation with some guy it would get hard unfortunatlly i have not any relation thatfore i would like to talk with you to exchange experience,regards fredy

I am small for the same reason fredy plus I had a stroke. I can still get hard and I can still *** when jerked off. Since I am new to being bi, I have never had a relatiomship with another man but would like to try, even if we only jerk each other off at first and then work up to sucking each other. How would you feel about trying that for starters?

I love when a man has a small penis they are great in bed and I love how hard they get when I suck on them

can you suck mine, i hav a small one

It's simple really... first you like some one, then you love them, all of them.<br />
<br />
Everyone has something about themselves they feel does not measure up! (Pardon the pun!) A genuine relationship is about loving everything about them not judging one part.<br />
<br />
Judging a man by the size of their penis is superficial

Hi<br />
<br />
I am gay and have a small penis, I am about 3 3/4 hard. my boyfriend / hubby keeps telling me it's not small. He is about 71/2 hard.

I'm gay, and I have a small penis

Wtf?! Ok i am bisexual and im hung like a horse, yeah thats an ego boost, but in reality it doesnt matter. I am now in relationship with my boyfriend who is really small and also had a problem with that, i mean okay i guess ill never understand it fully as he speaks about hes years on highschool and so on and on. But i really dont care how big he is and i never did care about it, i mean for god sake it is just a penis and in relationship i am with him not just with his penis. Anyway its also perfecly sutisfiable. With big penises r many problems in sex life trust me, they r the same good as small penis, maybe better looking but thats it. And small penis friendly ppl? omg if someone cares about that so much i would certainly never had relationship with such a man. I have relationship with a men not with penis. Oh and btw. sex is more about psychology than sizes, trust me.

Wtf?! Ok i am bisexual and im hung like a horse, yeah thats an ego boost, but in reality it doesnt matter. I am now in relationship with my boyfriend who is really small and also had a problem with that, i mean okay i guess ill never understand it fully as he speaks about hes years on highschool and so on and on. But i really dont care how big he is and i never did care about it, i mean for god sake it is just a **** and in relationship i am with him not just with his ****. Anyway its also perfecly sutisfiable. With big dicks r many problems in sex life trust me, they r the same good as small ****, maybe better looking but thats it. And small **** friendly ppl? omg if someone cares about that so much i would certainly never had relationship with such a man. I have relationship with a men not with ****. Oh and btw. sex is more about psychology than sizes, trust me.

i'm gay and i have a small **** and when i thank about it i can't get it hard calls i'm thing there is something not right or trying to see what he thanks i like to meet a nice looking guy with a small ****

Im gay my D**k is 6 in I feel like is too small but im good when it comes to sex maybe is just me im not ugly but my size make feel bad sometimes

Hey im a good looking guy if u down to talk let me know

Your reasoning may partially be influenced by your own insecurity... comparing yourself with the guy you are with...just saying. Well, if someone's looking for sex ,yes, being small can be a problem. However, if someone really likes you and wants to be with you then it doesn't matter a lot.. it becomes yet another thing that you two need to figure out.. (eg:)just like how your profession effects your relationship. In successful relationships the partner is always the 1st priority. When both partners have one another's back they don't have to worry about themselves.<br />
As for me I am average, prefer the same...then again I believe in equality in relationship. Both submissive and dominant type people turn me off (in and off bed). Which means that if a guy I am dating has a small penis but does not seem bothered by it, I wouldn't be either. However, anything less than 5" and he'd have to wear a penis sleeve to get in me. Feeling someone inside you or being inside someone is very intimate and special.

i have small penis and i like it...i like very much small dicks

I am a gay bottom with a small (2" soft // 4.5" hard) ****. I used to feel inferior but as I started to care about what I think not others, I found more confidence and am more of a dominant bottom now. I have been ****** by guys with ***** from 4 inches to 9 inches and generally found most pleasure with the guys who were thick and between four to six inches. Large ones do make me tremble a little, as they are aesthetically very nice! But I like to suck smalle ones and take them all the way in without gagging, The thicker the better, forget about length!!

Hey gents this is the first site I have ever visited related to small penises. I am in a relationship but still am hugely self confident about my size. I find that lately due to being self concious about it I find it harder to even get an erection and I think it actually affects my size even more negatively due to nervousness.

Hi, Buck. Have you talked to your partner about this? I know it can be uncomfortable. But, in the end, you could find that you are causing yourself much more stress than you need. If you're with someone that truly wants to be with you, they will accept everything about you. If you keep this information to yourself and build on these insecurities, then they will likely manifest in another area of your relationship, causing you issues in the end (i.e. the erectile dysfunction). Better to head it off early when you can.

Having a small penis is embarrassing! It's what makes you a man. Testosterone is what separates the males from the females, for you to have a small penis tells the partner you are inbetween both. <br />
<br />
Which is disgusting <br />
<br />
To present that to a woman is laughable.

#1) I'm sorry if you had trouble understanding that I'm gay, I'm not sure how you got lost in the first three words of the title, but then again, I can't assume that everyone with internet access also has the ability to comprehend simple english. #2) The fact that you think testosterone has anything to do with penis size is laughable. You probably should have kept that little nugget to yourself to spare yourself from true embarassment; and if you're not embarassed, then that's actually worse because that means truly you don't know any better. #3) Everyone is entitled to a size preference - nothing wrong with that a bit, and I don't think less of anyone that prefers a larger size. #4) If I were to use your logic (which I would never do, because I do know better), would I also have to assume that women with small breasts are not a true women because they lack estrogen? Yeah, tell me how far you get with that one...

you may be small down there, but you clearly have more to compensate for it.your confidence (and intellect) is quite a turn on....from someone in the same boat as you ;)

I'm a gay man who adores small penises - I find them a real turn on and I've met other gay guys with the same preference. If I see a guy in the locker room at the pool who's tiny down there I can't take my eyes of it, especially if he's a bit on the beefy side. Some small guys are into humiliation, but then so are some horse hung guys too. What the hell, if it turns you on don't fight it. Keep looking and be proud of your sprout, show it off whenever you can and one day somebody will smile at it in the right way and HE'S your MAN!

Like your 6'5" with a 2" ****.4" hard and what i lacl in lenth i make up with my mouth

Dude--I know this post is over a year and a half old but I just wanted to tell you that YES, there are guys out there who are very, very cool with a small penis. The best sex I ever had was with a guy who was about 3 3/4" hard...and with him, there definitely was a second time, then a third, then a fourth... and I'm saying this as a bottom, too. I keep trying to find smaller guys who are confident and trust that I truly find them hot (instead of wanting to humiliate them) but it is difficult. Keep looking, I swear we are out there. Don't settle for anything less than exactly what you want and there WILL be someone out there eventually that wants it. :)

man... trust me you are not alone on this one. I am gay, small, chub, and shy (also mostly top) all of those do not play along. but there is all kids of men out there that are into many different things. just make sure you aren't looking in the wrong places. find the right guy organically and make sure to have a relationship before having sex (not hook-ups or just booty calls) there is always someone right for the other! besides I prefer smaller man! and im sure plenty are as well

I'm 40 and I'm only 1 inch soft and most of that inch is foreskin. I am so embarrassed that I will not go and have much needed surgery for fear that the hospital staff will laugh and gossip about my tiny penis, the nurses would have to try and find it to insert a catheter and what if that nurse was a very well hung man?<br />
<br />
I am gay and don't have problems getting men, I guess because when hard I grow to about 8 inches with lots of foreskin and I have been blessed with extremely enormous, very low hanging balls which a lot of gay men seem to like. <br />
<br />
The few friends that know of my tiny size tell me not to worry, that no one cares what size it is when soft; it's the size when hard that counts and what you do with it. 1 guy I was doing told me that I was to BIG when hard, that he couldn't take it all inside him (anally) to this day I wonder if he was serious or if he just didn't want to have intercourse. <br />
<br />
My micro-penis prevents me from going to the gym for fear of the locker room, or the hospital or even underwear shopping. I know I have to learn to accept myself, all of me; especially my penis but I just can't. I feel like a freak and a reject. I often realize that if Natural Selection would not have been tampered with I would have been eliminated as the reject of the litter so-to-speak. I ruminate on my tiny size all the time, so much so that I have had to begin taking antidepressants.<br />
<br />
People think that having a small penis is funny or they are apathetic to it but it is no joke and it takes more than "Who cares" or "Don't worry about it" or "Your over reacting, get over it" I have attempted suicide twice because I would rather die than live with "no penis" Newborn males are hung better than me. <br />
<br />
I see my boyfriend walking around and watch his penis flop and move. I watch him sit in bed and see the head of his penis gently rub the sheets and wonder what that feels like. A 40 year old man should know. A grown man should have a penis. Sorry for ranting

I am small....small friendly.....and gay. I guess I am the man of your dreams.

I am small....small friendly.....and gay. I guess I am the man of your dreams.