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I Am Gay And Have A Small Penis...

I know that a lot of straight men really have a hard time with their size. But, being gay with a small penis just amplifies the issue. When you are with a woman, she may just think it is small in her head. But, when you're with another guy, the issue is obvious and unavoidable.

No one has ever said anything negatively about my size, but I can say that there usually isn't a "second time." I also don't understand why people automatically associate having a small penis with the desire to be humiliated. I would just like to find another good guy out there that is small, or small-friendly so I don't have to always second-guess myself.

Any of you out there?
spark14 spark14 31-35, M 112 Responses Jul 6, 2010

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Glad to know im not the only one

I know how you feel. I feel the same way and it totally sucks! You start to get self-conscious and stuff just goes downhill from there. I feel that it is hard to find someone that will take you for who you are. But hopefully someone is out there for both of us.

I bet your small penis is beautiful i love guys with a small penis

I love sucking on a small penis they don't gag me and if I want to get ****** we can use a ***** together like I did with my Exgirl friend

would ove to meet you

guys you dont understand how much hope this gives me im only 17 ang gay and asian so the odds are against me here but its giving me hope

Big size might get you more sex partners, but it won't give you a more stable life, much less a truely loving lover. More sex means a higher probability of catching an std? Yah a lot of size freaks exist in the gay world, but not everyone is like that. And not everyone assumes that you want to be humiliated. Be thankful that you are healthy and have a p**is that works.

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I am a well hung man (10.5incs.) and i'm small-penis friendly. I still looking for a man who is not all about sex and he fits my taste and has a small penis.

coffeeboy keep lookin' there is a sweet thang for eveyone out there.

It is good to know guys like smaller size as well. I am just about 5" with athletic body. Learning anatomy from medical school, even 3-4" is adequate to be a great top. It really depends on the angle of thrusts that matters most.

I agree that lots of gay men focus too much on this department. There is so much more in a relationship than just penis. I hope someday to find my dream guy that think that way as well.

Is there a social/support group for gay men with teeny peenies. I would like to such a group. I'm in bBaltimore

It is good to know others are out there would be good to talk with you

Im brazillian, Im gay and I have a small penis. Someone live in Rio and would like meet me?

I'm gay and find small men hot :P

It's so good to see that there are more of us here. I'm 43 and have long felt alone here In socal

Never really knew what to call my size even though I have been left hanging because of it not being what someone expects. It can be and in some cases is disheartening when we are judged by the equipment we have between our legs. But if you let that stop you though then you have a long road ahead of you. It's hard being judged by d*** size truly it is but you keep pushing and try to stay strong and stop second ALLOWING others to mess your head up.

LMAO Funny story for everyone. I myself just recently got shot down, again, by another guy looking for sex, and that person hit me up for sex. If I hit you up then okay I get it I move on somehow because that doesn't hurt don't ask why it doesn't. But they hit on me! LMAO How do you say "hey I like you lets hook up" to someone then shoot them down when you don't see the size you want. That is f***** up ain't LMAO. Now of course at the moment it happened I was brought low... but you can't stay like. It's depressing as hell and I don't know about anyone else but I got tired of depression a long time ago. So I pick myself up and keep pushin.

I don't know if I helped someone or not but I hope I did. Confidence is hard to attain when your similar to me for example and have had very little confidence but confidence in what you have and your ability to use it is what's most important.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Katt Williaims, "you got to be in tune with your star player."

I'm 21 average body Latino, I have had a hard time dating because of my size down there, I am only 3.5" erect. I feel so lonely because I feel like I'm never going to find a man into me. I'm looking for a masculine 'top' that doesnt care about penis size and wants a man with a good heart.

You seem cool (:

What's your number ?

I'm only into guys with small ones, if you are up for chat send me a message

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

want to talk?

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

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I'm in my mid 30s now and being small (5.5'' to be exact) doesn't bother me as much as it used to. But in the past it has prevented me from going out with some guys because I was afraid of being rejected. People say that I'm attractive and I get compliments when I'm out with friends or at the gym. But I rarely pursued anybody. The thought of being turned away because the size of my penis was reason enough to avoid getting too involved. I still managed to be in a few serious relationships but they didn't last very long.

Over the years I realized that if I ever wanted to be happy with myself, I needed to face my fears. I'm not going to lie, It's a work in progress, but I already feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I'm still single but I believe that eventually I'll find the right man. I've only been with guys with big or average d****, which I don't mind, but it would be nice to meet someone smaller too. There's this sort of vulnerability that I personally find very attractive. Plus small d****are beautiful!

So I want to believe that there are other men like me in Southern California but I'm wondering where they are. Come on guys! ;)

I live in SoCal. I hope we can form a small community here!

Yay !

profile187 ARROBA
please write me... I'm 40 gay man with small penis. I'm looking for similar gay men.

Wow love your story

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I am Asian, six feet one, fit and a good-looking normal, hard-working, well-mannered guy but with an abnormal problem. <br />
<br />
I get attention from people of all races often, but because of this issue I usually stop reciprocating if I sense disappointment after revealing my size.<br />
<br />
I have been teased and made to feel like a freak when talking to some other gay guys met online. I am in my mid-20s but have never had the courage to even try to look for love. <br />
<br />
I hope to meet guys that are similar in build and height, under 40, and have the same problem. Click on my profile and send me Msgs, I very much love to get to know you. Distance is not a problem. <br />
<br />
One lonely soul for another. Are you out there? E

Reading these posts and comments have given me a wealth of relief. :) I'm 27 and to this day I'm still a virgin bc of my deep insecurities of my 5" penis. Im chubby, 6' and 260lbs. And though I get attention, I have never reciprocated. I have become an avid adult film watcher and would please myself almost daily to get my rocks off. But I'm finally starting to date and wanted to see if there were people who felt the same so I can overcome this insecurity. I can just imagine the opportunities I've missed.

Congrats. I am looking to start to date as well. I hope he is someone from here :-)

Yes, I am here. I am small (and small friendly) and agree with you.........I certainly don't wish to be huniliated

I'm 50 and my penis is 4.5 inches hard, an inch when soft.

I would date you--to me it isn't the size but quality of person. Plus--I already have a large penis. I have always dated and enjoy smaller men.

I'm 21 year old. I know I have been genetically blessed in couple of different ways. I'm tall, have perfect teeth, bright blue eyes, and I've been told I'm good looking. I'm 21 now and live in an area with plenty of gay bars. When I go out, someone always offers to buy me a drink which is nice when I'm low on money, but I just feel like they are always expecting something in return. When I lost my virginity the guy I was with was WAY to big for a virgin. It wasn't really fun... My **** is 5 inches long and I haven't got much girth. I have always been self conscious about the size of my penis. The last guy I was seeing was was 27 and really great shape. Pretty handsome and well educated. His **** and mine were pretty much identical. It made me not feel so alone. I've definitely turned down hot guys because I thought I was inadequate. It's only when I am totally smashed I just don't give a ****. Or when I find a guy that is like me.

I know I have no control of the size of my ****, and right now I'm just trying to learn how to play the cards I was dealt. I know there are guys all over the world with smaller penises, but this blog really makes me feel a lot less alone.

just looking at your username I thought you were Asian? I am a tall and fit 25 yo Asian with the same problem. I know life is going to be difficult for me but I just have to be strong.

Hey if you are up for some chat send me a message :)

I'm 22. I used to think I was average till I met a guy who got me to measure it. His was massive over 5 inches soft (8.2 hard) where as mine measured 3.8 inches hard. He said it's too small for him. Do you think theirs people that prefers smaller ones?

yes there are that prefers small one!! I have about 6 1/2 inches but on the thin side. I like small ones

I have a small penis and have a deep feeling of affinity with others who also have a small penis..........I love them

I feel your pain. Like you, I have never had anyone say anything negative about my size, until the last guy I dated. I thought my size wasn't an issue. One day, we were joking around and I jokingly said something about getting a size extender...and he actually started having a serious conversation about it. It made me realize that others guys have done the same. I workout daily...I have a six pack and am in great shape, but lately it seems like I'm just meeting guys that are majorly hung. Like you I want to find someone who truly doesn't care....I'm in my 40's now, and when I was younger it never bothered me...but I've avoided sex now on occasions. I hope to find a guy who loves me for me....

So I believe that this topic is old, but for the sake of people still reading, I thought I should post. I was on this site browsing through some other topics, then fell on this one, and I indeed have a lot to say about it.

I am 22 years old, about 6.5 inches, gay, and a bottom. My boyfriend is 23, around 4-4.5 inches, and the best top I have ever been with.

My previous boyfriend was large, something that I, at that point in my life , thought was important. I never had the desire to be a top, as I have more of a submissive nature in the bedroom, so bottoming for this guy who was easily 8 inches, curved and thick, was fun when we were in the starting stages of discovering eachother, i.e. ********, handjobs...but when it came to intercourse, it was a nightmare.

I never let him in all the way, and it could just be me, but it was just not possible, i felt he would rip me open or something. I was never really self-conscious about my size, as most of my sexual experiences prior to me coming out and having sex with men were usually positive ones. But as much as I wanted to bottom for this guy, I couldn't do it without it being a difficult task and sometimes it would get to the point of anger for him and sadness for me.

I went a long time without having sex/dating, until I met my current boyfriend 3 years ago. He's 6'2'', broad and beautiful, a man's man if there ever was. Before we were intimate, I fantasized about him and because my only experiences with guys was my ex with the big penis, I imagined him with one too.

When we began talking about being intimate, he shied away from it quite a bit, to the point where he had to sit me down and 'confess' to me that he was small and that he understood if this was a deal breaker. I was in love with him at this point and to be honest, I clearly remember not caring.

We tried with me as a top for a good while, but I had a lot of issues with it, and by nature he was a top and I was a bottom and we were only going against this for penis size. I told him I didn't care because if he could get it inside me, that's all that I would need.

And he definitely could.

3 years later, sex is still amazing. He can make me gag when I go down on him. He hits the prostate every time, and has given me prostate ******* before. With a bigger than average guy, you must always prepare for sex diligently, (I.E. douching, enema), where a guy who is just enough to rub the prostate well enough, of course you would practice proper hygiene at all times, but there is a spontaneous aspect to it that you couldn't have with carefully planned sex with a donkey penis.

Sorry for the long post, but that being said, I hope that gives some of you hope that there is most defintely people with great personalities and charming aspects who will accept you. Honestly, with my boyfriend, what he lacks in length, he makes up for it in girth. His knob is huge, it's the best thing to suck on, like a spherical lollipop, and even sometimes it takes a little coaxing to get it inside me.

have faith. there is nothing wrong with you. the prostate is 2-3 inches within the rectum, so in my head, at least to me, what's the point of having 8 inches when 4-5 inches is mooooore than enough? Not to hate on those who are bigger, mind, but for those who are smaller, you have what it takes to be tops, don't let mainstream/gay media tell you youre less of a human for it.

Well you guys I am a 25 years old, 6 foot masculine Latino with big arms and a big chest (like a slim beefy football player) I get constant compliments about my good looks but there is only one small thing... I have a 5 inch penis. People assume because I am so "MANLY" that I have magical one. Well thats definitely not the case.
My longest relationship was with a Puerto Rican who actually was in LOVE with me (obsessed even). He said that he didnt like big ones because they hurt. He would even sometimes complain about me??!!!?? He was about maybe 6.5 inches (what I think is huge) but skinny. I thought I was going to marry the dude but sadly I started to find out that he was a felon, liar, manipulator and had an alcohol problem.
To be honest my friends, he gave me the biggest confidence boost EVER!!! To this day I still do feel shy about my size but IT does not stop me from having sex whenever I need it. I do come off as a bottom first in order to make sure I get some though lol Even if its a one night stand I don't really care more. As long as I'm using PROTECTION, worrying about my responsibilities, concentrating on fitness, and finishing school I AM OK!! When I become successful I'm sure I will find someone even if it takes a little bit of money to help. Don't want to seem shallow or materialistic but MONEY TALKS.
All in all CONFIDENCE IS KEY!!!! Goodnight my friends :)

My small penis is destroying my life. I cant "allow" myself to either be close to someone or even have a one night stand. It is destroying my life and soul and pushing me pretty close to the edge of suicide. All guys seem to want huge ***** and you have to be careful with gays because they gossip. I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life - well since late teens (now 33) - and this is another layer of hurt I don't need. I pray one day I find someone who doesn't care but I am fast running out of hope. This is living-pain.

I MUCH prefer them smaller. There are plenty of guys like me out there. You can't give up. You will find someone who accepts you for who you are and not some **** you had no control over.

buddy if you were here in san diego i would totally give you all the love and attention that you need because you should not have to go through that kind of pain. Hugs to you friend. by the way my penis is around 4 inches but it works like a charm. hehe

I am in your case, only much younger. I could really use the support and talking to you...

I will add that 'dating' someone first in my experience to get to know them better doesn't seem to make a huge difference compared to hooking up right away - if size matters to them, then even if you wait until the 8th date, they will dump you. I think trying to find sexual compatibility sooner rather than later is preferable to having your heart crushed from a matter so sensitive.

I agree, just be mindful that if he just came out of a long relationship and continues to see you that "love" is still in his mind. He will not start noticing your penis size until later. It happened to me..

I would usually do the same. Let him know what I have and see if he cares