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Shysmall In Cape Town

I am a cute 37 year old bi guy with a "5" **** and have always been incredibly shy about my size. I always see younger guys at the gym with soft dicks that are literally my size when hard! It freaks me out and what makes it worse is that I am bi/gay and in the gay world so much emphasis is placed on the size of a man's ****. Just becuase i am small doesn't make me less of a man! I am so sick and tired of feeling like an alien with guys who can't accept me for who am and not what's in my jocks. I feel like a friggin alien all the way out here in Cape Town South Africa, with no one to share my experiences. I just wanna find someone who I can feel comfortable with physically and not have to worry about size.Someone who is the same size or doesn't give a damn. It's pretty darn lonely...and I have so much to give.
shysmall shysmall 46-50, M 70 Responses Jul 16, 2010

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Penis size is not as important to me as physical shape - not overweight, attractive face/eyes, nice butt, then Penis size. They all work and regardless of size are beautiful.....all of them!!!

I am 13 cm ... do one regard it as small?
Anyway, I am crazy about guys with small penises.

I am of your size and persuasion. I can relate to every thing you say. Add me to your circle and we can commiserate on line. Thanks

I'm in the small category and I'm not embarrassed. There are many guys on here like us that no problem having sex. Many women even enjoy the small size. I know my wife loves my small ****. Hope you friend me and of course view my profile.

I love small ***** there great to suck on and *** in my mouth

be proud of what you havem5 inches is not small,you have a perfect **** to suck

its a pity we so far apart - size is no criteria for me - well maybe it is - the smaller the better

Please add me. Check out my small penis. It may be small, but I enjoy it very much.

Aww! Wish I could jump on a plane, give you a huge hug, and make you feel incredibly sexy special!!!

your penis is beautiful, I'd be happy to play with it anytime!!!

Don't worry you will find someone. I love sucking on small one they don't gag me.

Five inches is not small; statistically it's in the average range. Too many men watch **** and think an "average" **** is seven inches or larger. Not true. As for size when soft, some men are growers and some showers. Chances are that a guy who is five inches soft ends up not that much bigger when hard.

I love to suck on small one there the best.

I was in Cape Town not so long ago couple months back god I wish I had seen this then I would have loved you and your not so little ****, what a ptiy xx

I'm around the same size and struggle with the way I feel about my penis as well even though my bedroom experiences have always been good. Never had complaints but still wish I had a big old **** (I know it feels more masculine but really it shouldn't matter that much besides I have a magic tongue)

Don't worry about size so much. I have been with guys who were on the small side and I always fantasized about a guy with a really big ****. Well, I finally met the guy. He was not a giant by any means but his **** was easily the biggest I'd actually had the privilege of getting my hands on. But it was really too much. I could barely take him all in. When he insisted that I deepthroat him (I'm totally submissive and do what I'm told) it gagged me. I mean I literally had tears running down my face. And when he took me from behind it was almost more than I could handle. Now, having had the experience, I can honestly say that I would much rather be with a man like you. You're perfect!

Wow man. You still have a ****. I would love to give it all the attention it wants.

If you spend enough time at naked beaches, clubs, bars and the likes, you'll see the real average.

I'm bi, too, and 5.5 ... I don't feel bad about it at all. I've tried big dicks, but my mouth is kind of tiny, so it's not pleasant. I'd prefer smaller anyday!

i dont know how u looking like but in white underwear ur bulge is great. dont think about your length

I know how you feel, I'm on the "short end" also, but I also lack the kind of girth you enjoy. The up side is I find it easier to top my partners anally (after a bit of 69ing!)

Dude enjoy the size show it off, even if men smile because its smaller they still will hook up. Being small is hot show it off

It looks like a nice tidy bulge in your briefs and id love to feel it through those sexy undies, size is irrelevant its the person that matters but you do look kinda cute 😉 xx

My **** is only 4.5 to 5" hard.

Please add me as a friend

I also think it looks cute and sexy in white briefs :-) they're my favourite

You shouldn't worry, size isn't everything, you can take beauty from a tiny flower or a grand oak, learn to be comfortable with what you have, 6 inches is the average so you're not far behind and there are men out there who only have 2 or 3 inches but the can still enjoy themselves, I am a bi male and I've seen a lot of different shapes and sizes and had pleasure with them all so don't worry about what others may think and just make the most of what you have. I certainly wouldn't have a problem enjoying myself with it and bringing you enjoyment too. Good luck

hi im looking for a chap to model my collection of school blazers, if u are interested let me know

I thought statistically 5in is quite average - not small. Your avatar looks so hot. Please add.

Why someone who is the same size or doesn't give a damn? I have a larger than average **** and my wife and I both prefer the "Sport" model. Guys with 5" get so much harder than I do and we both love sucking a guy that size. My wife likes getting ****** by both sizes, but she rarely sucks my **** for more than a couple of minutes because it's uncomfortable.