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Least Developed Boy In The Family.

I'm 18 and live with my Uncle and my two cousins because its close to my highshool. I liked it here and me and my cousins got along great until a week ago when my uncle got the new hottub instaled. My little brother was over to visit me, he and my cousins were helping me set up the firepit we'd just bought. My uncle decided that we ought try out the tub even though it had just been placed. I told him me and my brother didnt have swimtrunks with us, he responded by saying that since we were all guys we could get in naked. We finished what we were doing and then started to undress on the porch, I was the last to get to the tub and was met with my youngest cousin's unbeliebing stare, I didn't give it a second though and jumped in too. After a bit my uncle went in to start dinner and one of my cousins jumped out and laid on the lawn grass tanning. My uncle had easily a 4inch flaccid  ***** and my cousin (who is a year younger than me, a junior at my school) had an even bigger one. I'm the oldest boy on the swimteam by a few years since the only two guys who weren't freshmen either  left  the team early in the year and I hadn't felt noticed a difference with the other guys in the team, but after seeing my cousin I started to think that my ****** might not be average. My uncle came out a bit latter and served dinner ont he porch table, he called us to dinner and said it was alright if we didnt dress yet in case we wanted to go back in the tub latter. My cousins and brother hurried to the table, both my youngest cousin and my brother both had 3-3.5 inch ******s, in my new found discomfort I hessitated and again was the last out of the tub. As I aproached my seat my youngest cousin nudged his brother who was brushing grass of his hair. My oldest cousin burst out laughing, I played it of like I didn't know what was going on, but they didn't want to let it die. They commented on how I must have a hard time pulling my ******* out to pee, and how it wasn't that my speedo was tight, they now knew why there was no bulge. I joked and laughed it off, then my brother joined the conversation, recounted how he'd seen me ******** and that my erect ****** was only 3 inches max. My uncle dealt the final blow, while trying to end the subject by saying that it was alright for me to develop slower, to wich my oldest cousin answered by remminding everyone that I was the oldest of the kids. Now my cousins have made it common place to be nude in the room we share, and comment on wether I wouldn't feel more confortable naked too. Haven't abliged since I know what awaits me. Two days ago while Iwas playing WII with my friend in my boxers( thats how we all usually hang aroung the house) my oldest cousin came up and patted me on the crotch exclaimming that he wanted to see if I still had a ******* since there was no bulge to show it.
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You shouldn't be ashamed of your small penis no matter what anybody says about it I think small penises are sexy

So humiliating to be exposed to family

Hello, <br />
I alll thr time ha

I wish I knew a guy like you. I think you sound normal to me. I get sick of all the pictures of over-sized ugly ones.

i'm the smallest in my family too! i've seen my father's one and he's about 5" flaccid, and my little cousin's one wich is bigger than me (idk the exact size), his father (my uncle) has a 7" flaccid...<br />
i'm the smallest with my 1" flaccid, and i think i inherit from my other uncle, who is overweight like me, and has a very small buried penis...

I am small too and when I attended boarding school as a teenager, evry morning we would stand in line to take a shower in our briefs/boxers and a tee-shirt. One person would come around and we would take off our tee-shirt and put it in a basket and then another person would come around and we would ***** off our briefs/boxers and throw them into a basket and we would all be standing there butt naked waiting to take a shower and often times teachers/administrators would walk by and see us completely naked and of course see my VERY small penis.

yeah i know how you feel im 1 to 1.5 soft and 3 hard my 10 year old brother corey is over 5 inchs hard soft his is 3 inchs my sisters told me

Some years ago (I was 18 at the time) before attending my older sisters wedding her husband-to-be invited the entire male part of the wedding party to his country club to shower and change before heading off to the church - as well as a number of guys from his side of the entourage there was my father, two uncles, and 4 cousins of my relation. i had seen my Father's penis before (and know that was something I did'nt inherit from him) and it was not much of a shock to me that his brother was similarily endowed and not a great surprise my uncle from my mother's size put me to shame of course the adult males from my brother-in-law to be's group similarily dwarfed my tiny member but the fact that every one of my 4 cousins (the oldest of which was 16 or 17 the younger ones aged 9 to 12) were also quite noticebly of superior size was the real humiliation - I too as yourself am the smallest member of my family