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I have a very small **** now after two years on various amounts of hormones. I'm pretty much castrated now, but I like my new life now better than before even though my wife controls most everything that I do.
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Does she ever spank you ?

Whats important is are you happy? And in this relationship she seems to have accepted you as now the weaker partner. That can be fun also.

The best life is one controlled by your wife! congratulations on have a dominant wife!

You're very lucky!

That's actually a pretty nice situation. I'm not on hormones yet but my wife does 'help and guide' my dressing and seems to be getting more and more into it. She's started to make it more feminine specific, e.g. my ears are pierced but only once per lobe. Apparently too many men have this so she wants me to double pierce so it's more feminine. I really like that she is driving this a bit as it makes me much more comfortable. At home I'm not always wearing skirts, but do wear women's clothes almost all the time in and out. It was a little odd wearing pants wit side zips at first and sometimes rear zips but I've gotten used to it.

I long to go down the same road

I to have a very small penis. Mine is to the point, I only use it for peeing but I do always sit down and wipe. I have that when I climax now form having sex like a girl, it feels so much differently. I feel it through out my body and I do shot out a milky substance but not very much. One big difference is that I can climax more often from this type of sex.

Good for you!!

You are so lucky I am happy for you

Your lucky to have the wife that you do. I am still searching.

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Enjoy it

It's very interesting that you've noticed that you are so much smaller now. Are you still "functioning", able to get an erection?

U`d be supprised how many many enjoy a small mouth full !!

please share more with us,you are very lucky to have someone to care for you

Great for you. Does she take lovers home to you?

You are a good caring person to let your wife control your life!!!

But the small ones are sometimes best fun.

I love sharing a big **** with my wife.

You are so fortunate to have almost been castrated, and whilst you can't get a full erection the feeling of being feminine will far surpass any other desires. You are now much closer to your feminine side and letting your wife take control is wonderful.

Lucky wife to have a subbie husband who has nothing but a micro penis which makes you very submissive and well behaved as the little girl you are .

same here tiny


Thank you for your openess and sharing. You sound like a beautiful and compassionate individual. Hugs! K

I would love to hear more of your experiences.

But my heavens girl....You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It just has to be worth it. I'd die to have your gorgeous looks. Please friend me . Kisses and hugs

But my heavens girl....You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It just has to be worth it. I'd die to have your gorgeous looks. Please friend me . Kisses and hugs

I guess Im lucky, now at 66 I am only ablre to get soft erections I *** and shoot ***** but its a bit watery now. Not getting a fuckable erectoion is fine as my wife and I havent had penetrative sex in getting on 3 years. Se never enjoyed it anyway due to my size

Stop moaning ... you are on the track and so is your wife.

Maybe I should get on hormones. My **** is also tiny & my Wife also controls everything . Since she took on a well endowed boyfriend ( my best friend) I'm pretty much just a servant who gets to lick her feet if I'm lucky.

We have some things in common. I also have a small one & my wife controls everything I do.

So many of us would love to have a woman in charge of our transformation! Congradulations, that is if you like it this way!

Awesome, sucking **** is not a bad thing!