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I Help My Younger Brother Become A Sissy With A Small Peepee

I was about 12 at the time my 10 yr old brother came home from school earlier than I did. I had no problem---he seemed almost afraid of me. He was a cute chubby guy who jept to himself. He got good grades and was little trouble at school.We weren't nudists by any means, but our seeing each other in vrying states of undress was no big thing. Mom was present when Erik ran by us nude from the shower. She told me that he was "underdeveloped"even for his age. Most boyspenises were larger and stuckk out more. I took in the information and thought little of it---
I was really busy outside after school one day , and needed to use the bathroom. I came running into the house---

-----Right into Erik in a pair of mybest panties(I thought they were really pretty) playing with his friend's penis openly and being verymuch a sissy.

To make a long story short, we got past this and found ourselves moving toward my becoming Erica's(his name of choice) becoming more and more a girl,and a sissy and gay.   It's been ---interesting--- I guess it borders on ******, but or relationship is mostly liike big and little sisters now------More later and elsewhjere
Noelle33333 Noelle33333 26-30, F 9 Responses Oct 24, 2010

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Hello, I'm the sister and my Brother wears his dresses 24/7. He was caught one day wearing a full square dance petticoat and dress and now I and his girl friend make him wear the dress and slip everyday at home, then we make him wear capri's or girls shorts with prints or lace on the pockets and printed tops when we take him shopping to humiliate him more. Everyone looking at him thinks he's gay or something. If they ask, we say he just like to wear girls clothes.<br />
We were just wondering what anyone else does with their sissy?

What a cool story - I wish I had a sister like you when growing up. I took years to reliase that panties were really confortable, and bras are teriffic. I really love that feeling of the band around my ribcage, it reminds me that I different to all the other boys.

You are the oerfect big sis x

I agree, whtboi!! Girlyness is so lovely to see in boys! Sissy males are really sweet and gentle. Courageous and oiften very intelligent too. Keep writing, honey!

Of course it doesn't, But as it turns out he was. B ut so am I-----I love rhumba panties for myself too sometimes! THey're so damn girly. Anyhow he became Erica and is quite content now--because or in spite of my help--I'm not quite sure. Love Noelle

Thank you for your comments. I try to be as helpful as I can on line. I admire sissies---they're courageous, intelligent, creative(more than straights) and I don't have to go through the usual he-she initil confrontation before beginning any kind of fruitful acquaintance. Love Noelle

yes, how you converted your brother

Wish you had gone more in depth with your story.

Noelle:<br />
What a wonderful sister you were to show your brother how exciting it is to experience femininity and how great it turned out for him. It is too bad that more boys don't get to experience how fabulous dressing like a girl can be and then hopefully grow their femininity until it becomes a necessary part of their life.