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She Can't Ride

I've mentioned before how my wife attempts to portray my little **** as average size and won't call it small except very rarely. Last night while out to dinner, I joked with her that she was going to have to be on top when we got home. That caused an unhappy look on her face which I understood. Riding me is awkward because quite frankly, it is hard to move around very much without my short, skinny **** falling out. She just said, you know I don't like to be on top. I told her that it was okay, she wasn't going to have to do that and I understood the difficulty. I told her that since I "drive" a lot more than she does. I know how difficult it was to move without my little **** falling out. She giggled then put on a straight face and told me that it wasn't small.

We both know it is and she has told me when under the influence of the right amount of alcohol how disappointed she was the first time we ******. She knows it's small, I know she knows it's small and she knows that I know that she thinks it is small.

Responses and feedback are always appreciated.
LiddelPegger LiddelPegger 51-55, M 8 Responses Jun 15, 2011

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sounds as if we are in the same situation...

The human mind is an amazing thing. I would say, LP, that you and your wife have a very healthy relationship and that you are trying to add a bit of excitement through something that you enjoy that harms no one. She either does not know how much you enjoy this (plese tell her), or she knows but just cannot bring herself to indulge it to please you without the right combination of drinks and other factors. Simple inhiibitions maybe. My recommendation is that you find out what kink she has that she has never revealed to you, or which she has mentioned but understated in its importance to her. Thoroughly explore the ex<x>pression and practice of that with her, thoroughly. In all likelihood, she will be more receptive to exploring this side of you.

OMG I have the same ongoing dialog with my wife. she will call it small when she is all heated up and ******* a ***** though

Just had a sneaky peeky at your pic's, looks to me like there is just enough for her to be on top! Maybe it looks a bit bigger than it is in the photo I looked at.

Well she obviously love's you, so in the end it don't really matter!

I'll drink to that :)

without alcohol, life would be almost joyless ;-)

I guess I don't see the problem.... I mean if she still ***** you and you are getting ******, what is the problem. It almost sounds like you have a bigger problem with your size than she does.<br />
<br />
Just enjoy....

I think you will certainly understand when I say that we all have our kinks.