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Hi Im 14 And Have A 1 Inch Penis

hi im 14 and have a 1 inch penis can some1 tell me how to get it bigger
kongwong kongwong 18-21 2 Responses Jul 17, 2011

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The male penis is a muscle. How does a man <br />
develop the other muscles in his body?<br />
He WORKS THEM OUT by stretching & flexing.<br />
That can work to a certain degree with the penis.<br />
Like ************ pull the penis until it just hurts.<br />
Stretch it, then relax, stretch & relax over & over.<br />
I was lucky as a boy to have a b/f and we did this<br />
to each other every day, sometimes for hours.<br />
Also try to keep the penis erect as much as you can.<br />
My b/f and I used to "play gearshift" laying beside<br />
each other. Its a good way to WORK THAT MUSCLE!

It will still grow some more and there are some things you can do to help it along. Nothing that is going to make a major change but help it to grow a little bit bigger. I can't go to your profile or message you but you can try to write me from my profile page or write me at