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Small Husband, Large Lover.

Yes I have a small penis so it didn't surprise me when my wife took on a lover he was larger than me.

What did surprise me was how much bigger than me he was.She said he was 8.5 inches erect (she judged it by the width of a letter size piece of paper) and thick. That makes him more than twice my size, a big **** for sure. I asked her how she was able to handle such a big **** and she said it's easy, he makes me well lubricated.

Now I am concern that my wife will get used to a big **** and not find sex with my manhood satisfying. I'm concern she will get stretched and won't feel tight to me, or even worse she won't feel me at all. I guess that's a chance I'll have to take and I'll have to try harder. You know what they say, it's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.
WittolBoy WittolBoy 36-40, M 14 Responses Jul 17, 2011

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You keep telling yourself that lol. But us ladies will always say that to our poor "lacking" males but we all really want a nice BIG **** to fulfill what we've been missing :) Enjoy that she's happy to fulfill your fantasy, and a thumbs up to you for allowing your hotwife to have a more pleasuring lover!

my wife did same thing but now its like screwing a glass of warm water

take a look at my pics and see if it shrinks back down.. it does at first but after a few years those miles dont come off. My wife hasnt felt me inside her in over 2 yrs

all those guys who say it returns to normal a short time after sex are just about right but, my wife has had so many larger than me that her **** has stretched a little. (se my pics and you will know mthere aint many smaller anyway) <br />
The important thing is though the mind and that NEVER goes back and all that bs about its not the size its how you use it!! Ive spoken to many women and they all say that until you really press them then they will say that size does matter.<br />
1. it looks so much better<br />
2. It feels so much better<br />
3. and just because you have a big one doesnt mean you cant use it. The second part of that saying is negated by "if its big and used wel.....".<br />
3. the only thing we are better for is oral, the jaw gets very tired with a big one and of course anal for the first couple of times until they get used to it.<br />
and of course usually small dicked guys are good at doing oral, we have to be its our main sexual method now with me. Alsomy wife says best size around 7" to 8" not TOO big and she does like them thick

You are right about one thing. There are several ways to please a woman just as there are several ways to please a man. But we all have are preferred way to be pleased and for woman that usually means being "taken" by a large lover and ****** to uncontrollable ******* on his big ****. It is what it is. We all have our place in the pecking order.

Once she's had the feeling of a long thick **** pushing deeper than she thought possible and stretching her insides beyond what she thought possible she will NEVER look at sex the same again. The pleasure she gets from a small ****, no matter how emphatic or passionate you are, will never match the intensity of the feeling of a bick ****. Never! Aint gonna happen. It doesn't mean you can't please her. It just means she'll never be totally satisfied and that she'll want that big **** again at some point. And once she finds an opportunity she will jump on it (literally) like a ***** in heat. ***** dripping and waiting to get stretched.

It seems our sex life has wane a bit (from her end) but I think it's more of the ebb and flow of things. My wife is in her sexual prime and I expect things to return to what they were before pretty soon.

Mine went from 5 1/2" down to 3" from surgery So I know what it is to loose size. The wife excisered her love cannel and and can squeeze tight on me. She is also cucking me (but on my terms) with a huge man and a couple of large guys. She can let them in very easily with a little lube but can pick up a wine bottle with her love muscle. But she WORKS hard to keep her muscles tight.

My hotwife ***** many men and they are of all sizes. She does kagel exercises every day and it keeps her ***** looking like and as tight as a teen.

It may be true you can't make up the size, but the effort and technique must count for something. It can't all be about the size can it?

70 to 80% percent of women ****** from their clitoris so for them, size is more aesthetically pleasing I would imagine since vaginal stimulation doesn't make them ***. But I guess the turn on of a large **** is exciting like we like large breasts.

Yes it can sweetie. :)

Sorry, but "how you use it" isn't worth a damn when you're half his size. Don't delude yourself.

it may revert back but the wives don't ever enjoy us small ***** every again.

It well revert back to size I've seen my wife take a huge black **** she was really spread out the next day she was back to normal

Does anyone know if stretching is permanent or will my wife's ***** revert back to being tight like it was?

Yes my gf has had many bigger ***** before she was with me and 3 much bigger (in 3somes) with me and at first she is stretched but it always reverts back (being ****** by big **** isnt quite the same as child birth

If I try to enter my girlfriend right after she has been ****** by a bigger guy she is a bit looser - she is generally fairly tight even for my little **** but she temporarily expands after accomodating a much larger bit of manhood

Thats what happened to my wife but most of the stretching was before we were married