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My Ex Wife Left Me For A Guy With 10 Inch ****

I am very small but high sex drive & having a difficult time with woman from the size of my small ****. I just wish I was bigger so I can satisfy woman more.I actually walk around nude & invite my friends(woman ) over to watch me & they make fum of me but i really enjoy it too.
SmallDk74 SmallDk74 26-30, M 10 Responses Aug 10, 2011

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I am not that big either, but my girl gets ****** good and hard and gets licked till she screams and creams......

I am average, and very much in love still with my ex wife. She has had lovers of all sizes, but the garbage she had her affair with was well-endowed. I'm probably going to be scarred from this for some time. She says she doesn't have vaginal *******. She's had two kids, one of them mine. I have always been good at oral sex, and her ******* shake the room. She swears to me that her dissatisfaction was from my depression, not the size of my member. We're talking now about maybe reconciling, since she's getting treatment for her considerable addiction problems, but it's hard not to wonder. I've even started thinking about going into debt for phalloplasty, at least for girth. I just don't know.

My Ex Wife Left Me For A Guy With 10 Inch ****<br />
<br />
Yeah - I've see your penis. What there is of it. Why am I NOT surprised she left you. LOL

What else could I say, then that you were unlucky since the day you were born by standards of some women.

doesnt look that small to me!!!

i totaly agree with you guys i also have a small penis and it seems to me like i cant get over it always thinking my wife is one day going to leave me for another man and tell me that the reason she is leaving me is because i have a small penis

Women are crazy.. From the pic, I think your **** is perfect!!

Wow i can so relate to this....i had a very pretty girlfriend a year ago....big big breasts long hair great legs....and then she brought a co worker home one day....i used to like to talk about cockfighting big ones etc...and this experience turned sour so fast....he was an african american and when we faced small 5 incher almost went soft when she pulled his shorts down and measured him at 9 1/2" and thick right in front of me...well the short of it is we fought and i lost....he worked me over good...i guess she is happy now.....she texts me every now and then to ask how my little **** is doing....

My penis is something like yours. My wife told me her previous boyfriend's penis was twice the size of mine. It got me aroused as comments from my nasty 1st wife also did. I am 52 and I still find the emotions involved with having a small penis really complicated.

I know just what you mean. My wife didnt leave me though. She has had quite a few lovers theough our marriage but we still love each other.<br />
And I love my pipi and would only want it smaller