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My Husband's Little Penis

I have been with my husband for more than 4 years. The first time we had sex, I can honestly say that I pretty much ruined his confidence. I just couldn't stop laughing when he pulled his pants down and there it was a little one inch nob poking out of his groin. It was not hard yet, and of course, he went on saying that it's cold at the moment. I just kept laughing and told him it's 85 degree in here, it could not get any warmer!! He started to blush and I thought he was gonna cry. That was when I realized that it was such a turn on for me watching him and his humiliation. I started to feel him up and played with his little penis. It grew to about 3 1/2 inches. I couldn't feel a thing while having sex with him, but I love him. I gotta try my best to make him happy. We still have sex on a regular basis. We bought a *****, that way I can also have ******.
mjohnson7281986 mjohnson7281986 22-25, F 38 Responses Oct 21, 2011

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I'am also micro 3in plus and the 1st time we had sex she didn't say anything negative but being married before she knew.The bad part and letdown was using a pillow under my knees to try and reach her.

you are a *****. for sure. a *****.

Wow, 3.5 inches? about wearing a strap-on, while having sex?

Regardless of the actual measurement, if the woman says its small, it's small. In the past women remained silent but now they are empowered to speak out and if presented w a substandard organ they will enact a small penis humiliation. This will draw the couple closer as it is a very emotional experience for the man and a source of satisfaction for the woman as she gains the upper hand and becomes his Goddess.

Your honesty is refreshing, all too often,I have been told ''its just right'' before being dumped for a 'real' man

I would love it if my wife would laugh at me for being so tiny.

love your story and my wife feels the same bout me

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Enjoy it

make him wear your panties and tell us the effect

I see a BBC in your future!

hahaha right on. speaking from experience?>

How would you like it if a man laughed at your **** ***** or weight.if you really love him you would not do that.he should of never married you

I am not that small but would love you to humilliate mine too!

Went a step further with my girlfriend (I bought her a ***** a few christmas's ago) I also have a tiny 4" **** and although I pleasure her in other ways I only occassionally give her a small ****** with my ****. Anyway to keep things spicey we opportunistically engaged in a ********* with a large dicked friend of mine. it was surprisingly very exciting for both of us . For her - she obviously benefitted with more intense (and multiple) *******. For me? - I have an SPH fetish and watching her being ****** (and immensely pleasured) by a guy with a much bigger penis was very arousing for me. <br />
Since then we have enjoyed ********** on three more occassions and foursomes (with 2 different couples) three times as well. All of the other guys involved have a much bigger ****. One of the guys in the foursomes is easily twice as long and thick as me. His flaccid penis dwarfs mine erect.

I think you should post pics of your husband here for us to see....

humiliate me. Jack

My wife never slept with anyone before me so she thought I was normal. Now she realizes the difference so she doesn't let me in her much anymore. She says she can't feel anything anyway. I am amazed how close in size I am to your husband. Please check out my photo and leave a comment.

can I see please. :]

I would love to hear what you have to say about my four inch ****.

Mine is 4.5 hard. Even though my wife doesn't humiliate me she does make small comments now and then about my small penis.

Do you suck him off? A guy with a small **** would never care if his wife knew how to deep throat or not -- his **** would be so easy to suck.

My wife and I have a great sex life without the natural 'ACT' and utilizing a hollow prosthesis instead. We joke about me being micro in a matter of fact way. There is a hieghtened sensuality knowing natural is not for us and that I am not built for it. We tried natural once and once was enough. It has been years without it and neither of us miss it at all. Our love life is so much better without it.

Actually my girlfriend first realized I was turned on by mockery of my small **** when she had made a joking comment about the size of some guys **** in a movie compared to mine and I got an erection.

Hi, I have the smallest **** on the planet - check my pics and humilitate me

great story. i had a similar experience with my ex wife right before we were married. she measured my little penis and laughed at the results. i was crushed and humiliated at the time and it set the tone for the rest of the sexual relationship that she and i had over the next ten years. <br />
you own this boy now, the same way my ex owned me. enjoy the power and use it as often as you se fit. he will grow to love it, even if he doesnt at the moment

My wife also likes to remind me that I have a small penis. Your husband needs to accept that he has a little boy penis and he should accept his position of assisting you with your pleasure.

Hello Mjohnson I loved your story, would love to have a woman treat me that way over my tiny penis and still love me. I would also like to add that you are very beautiful, he is a lucky fellow

I would love for you have to have a look at my pics and comment on them. Please "add" me so you can get access to them.

My Wife has a name for mine, she calls it "HER LITTLE GUY"....

please drop by and look at mine too...thanks for the add

Check out my pictures and tell me what youthink

im certainly open to it mjohnson....

It would be my pleasure to humiliate all of your small **** boys ;D

I love being humilated about my small ****!

Although not all the time, my husband does enjoy the humiliation every once in a while ;D

I love it when my wife teases me about my little penis - especially as she jerks it between two fingers. Would love to see you tease your husband.

Its too bad you didn't find someone who like the humiliation.......Some of us do

You're a good wife for having sex with him anyway, and for giving him a little hell over it.

thank you jayboy ;D. I didn't know such a thing exists. I will definitely let my hubbie know

Cool<br />
Buy a hollow one that he can put his little one unside I find it a turn on to look down anf see 8inches till she reminds that mine is inside have fun