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Drunk Wife Tell Truth

So me and my wife were having some drinks at a friends houes one winter night, we had supper played game the usuall thing, then we started playin a drinking game, two hours later my wife was smashed and we started playing charades, my wifes turn was up so she went up and stuck her pinky finger by her zipper and said "its my husbans penis" i was embarassed and just laughed like she was making a joke, then my buddys wife says, wow thats sthe smallest i have ever seen. Then the evening took a turn for the worse when my wife told everoneone that my **** was the smallest shes ever seen and she missed being screwd by a 9 inch fat ****. My faced turned red and i just listined as she told everone how much she loved sucking big ****. In the morning she said she was soory and promised she liked my small guy. then she sucked me off and i came pretending she had a 9 in her mouth!
smalldick12345 smalldick12345 51-55, M 18 Responses Nov 30, 2011

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My wife also tells me i have a small **** and use to look at some of my friends much bigger *****. Eventually some of them **** her and stay the nite banging her while i either watch them or go get high and wonder and wish i had a big **** so i can make her scream like they do. She still suck my **** and let me **** her when they are not around but she always tease me too in front of them. They make her *** with their dicks and odd positions and i only can make my wife *** through eating her and with a 10inch vibrator. Sum even told her they was going to **** her in her ******* but shes scare of their size i know she will give in bcuz they already tried n she had them stop bcuz it was to big n hurted her when they tried. I ****** her in her *** many times before we got married and afterwards. She said cuz my **** is the size of a turd n didnt hurt her. She said they will make her bleed. I wil post any changes

hot add me please

I would love that!

That is excellent. If you have a small **** you deserve to be humiliated. It is up to your wife if she wants to tell friends about it. You really shouldn't have any choice in the matter.

That is horribly rude. I would buy an extender and the deep six her.

You got a blow job out of it. I would have said I like to suck big **** or **** a tight **** also. LOL

Aww, that sucks man :/

Face it guys, size matters. Women will lie to you and tell you it is not an issue, but at the end of the day they all want as big a **** as they can get.

Well I love my fiance's penis (it's small) and will marry him! he amazed me with so much confidence, amazing person and I also get so spoiled with pleasure, I get horny just thinking of him eating me out and ******* me with all those toys ! he is creative and horny always , i couldn't be happier :) I had some big dicks before , and honestly a men full of skills stands out!

I have a Dig Bick and I have talent. Energizer Bunny style. Keeps ******* and ******* and *******.

Poor least she said she was sorry

Well, she was smashed..... and she did apologize later... and do something else in return.... Still, there's something that bothers me when my lover makes me feel like I am incomplete, asexual or unfulfilling in front of other people. It almost never happens....I have never been able to continue ....

If my wife/gf said some thing like that i'll be crushed, that would hurt me badly.

Ken Preece has the smallest penis I have ever seen, but he is such a lovely guy, anybody out there know him?

Well as a lady of 50 I must say some of the smallest penis's have given me the most pleasure. I love cute little willys

I agree!!!!

Once again brutal...that's why I'm glad I'm still a virgin and not married...that would break my heart man...if you're still with her you're a tougher man than me

I'm really sorry you had to go through that. :(

thats messed up. id slap her for u if i could

My former wife did something similar (also with the aid of alcohol) She and a female friend of ours had been drinking wine and gossiping. The subject turned to sex in general and then on more personal experiences. The other woman asked my wife if I used a condom. When Caroline (my wife) said no before she could explain why Susan (the friend) exclaimed that I couldnt get one to fit. Susan (because of my general physique - tall, naturally muscular, broad chested with large size 13 feet - and my outgoing, confident , alpha personality) wrongly assumed that I had a penis to match so therefore perhaps it was hard to find condoms big enough. <br />
The reason why I didnt use condoms with my wife is because she used a diaphram and was allergic to condoms. Caroline explained this to Susan but only after laughing at her delusions that I was hung like a horse. She exploded that myth and made it plain that actually i was hung more like a mouse. When Susan suggested that Caroline must be joking Caroline assured her that she was serious and that in fact had the smallest penis of any of her former lovers.<br />
She told her that she was rather surprised herself when she first saw how small my **** is.<br />
Caroline (now sober) thought it prudent to tell me how she had spilled the beans on me to Susan before Susan herself somehow alluded to it in front of me (or passed on the gossip) <br />
What I didnt know (because my wife left that part out) was Caroline proved she wasnt kidding by showing Susan a couple of damning polaroids of me naked (taken in a hotel room when we were on a holiday) I found this out because Susan's boyfriend sometime later taunted me with it during a drunken argument between he and I.

wow, they always bring it up at the worst times once its in there memory bank, what i didnt tell in the storie is this was the first i heard about the 9 incher in and around her mouth, i almost puked when she said she missed it in her mouth!

Wow, that's terrible. I hope you've found someone who appreciates your physique entirely. And this is the puzzling part, men with smaller sizes are just as good lovers as men who are well endowed. I have to say, your height and broadness has an advantage too. I dated a half Hispanic, half Vietnamese guy who was about 4'11 and weighed about 90 lbs I think, and he wasn't very big. One night during sex, he was kneeling on the edge of his bed over me and he sneezed. His sneeze caused him to tuck and roll off the bed and he managed to hit his head on the side of the wall. We both laughed about it. I enjoyed the sexual relationship while we lasted. It was his physique that was the down fall, not his small member.