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Micro Penis Pride

I voted in the micro penis pride poll recently and admitted i hid my little **** in the locker room. So i decided to have some pride in my little **** next time i was in the locker room.

So this morning i went to the swimming pool and when my session was over i went to the locker room with 9 other men and boys.Normally i am very coy and hide my little ****. But today i slipped off my shorts and and faced everyone and started to dry my hair with my towel. Everyone could see me and i took a long time drying my hair. As i looked around everybody had a bigger **** than me, although one guy was hiding his so no one could see. The worst thing was 2 boys about 13-14 years of age had much bigger ***** than mine. They were looking and laughing to each other, i presumed it was about my little ****.

I have to admit i was embarrased, especially by the 2 boys. Well it is the only **** i have and maybe the next time it won't be so bad
sissyclit sissyclit 51-55 8 Responses Dec 3, 2011

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Sweetie, I love the fem bois with their little boi clitty. They look so cute, and you can wear some clothes that I never could. Wish you lived next to me.

I have larger then average ****, but I love those fembois with the tiny *****, so cute.

Mine is small too but girls still love me to **** them

Does your wife enjoy your little ****? Or did she give up ******* you years ago?

My wife likes to look at my little **** and smile. She would **** me about 4 times a year, She prefers to be fingered ( 3 fingers ) She gives me a hand job say 6 times a year. She knows and is happy for me to wear tights and ****

Thanks for the reply -- I noticed that you mentioned your son -- did your little **** actually do its job?

Consider this. Who are the only two Beavis and Butthead, immature morons in this discussion? It's the two little microcephalics in the shower. Hence, it is reasonable to deduce that they have the problem. ... I vigorously applaud you for dropping your drawers and striding into the shower. ...I empathsize with any guy who labored in disgrace to avoid showers in high school. It's a lot of work and an emotional hell. In high school, I was even a decent running back and still afraid to go in the shower. Today, hell, I'd walk down the street with what I have ... but I don't much fancy going to jail as a sex offender or whatever. .... I do like to endulge my little protest sometimes by going outside when it's dark and sitting for a while naked. .... nb, m.s., l.p.c., practicing psychotherapist and proud owner of a "really cute little thing." ... which I've heard from a lady a time two ... and then we enjoyed each other's "company" ecstatically. my best to you my friend. //OO\

sweety be proud take as your clitty we girls 51-55 live in wrong body so all we need to push our clitty beetwen legs ,be flat in front and all guys love you as woman

Isn't it the most amazing feeling when you know that boys are laughing at how small you are and have their ego inflated because they are bigger than you.

Cool story - that the thing that i like about SPH. Boys are more hung than me