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Honeymoon Gone Bad

So we and my wife were on our honeymoon in jamaica, were just married and have been together since jr high. My wife always thought i had an avgerage sized penis, i never told her the difference. so our 2nd day in jamaica we were walking down the beach and came across a nude beach sign, we were going to turn around but it was so nice that we keep walking "i thought id get to see some nice tittys too" anyway it turn out that we say more then just ****, there were a group playing men vs women volleyball as we walked by the mens side my wife jaw droped and i can still picture her looking at 4 mens giant trunks swing back and fourth as they dove in the sand, i felt weak to me knees and we keep walking. I noticed that she looked behind her a few times and when we got to a place were there wenr't alot of people she told me to look at her puzzy. She was wearing white bottoms and u could see her taned ***** because the front of her was soaked.
later that night we were messing around in bed and she asked if she could measure me. I asked why and she said she wanted to know how big her husban was, i agreed for her to do it then she asked me how big i thought the men were that we saw today. I said i had no idea and asked her, she said i can picture them being over 12 inchs. "which she would be correct" i knida got quite and she said no to worry and she loved my little ****. The next day she wanted to go back, and we did and saw the same thing, i hoped they wouldnt be as big as i remembered but the were. After that we spent the hole day trying to find a sex shop in jamaica. After 5 hours and 100 bucks in taxi rides we found one. My wife grabed a 12 inch "and thick also" ***** and said she was buying it for a friend. well take a guss...we got back to resort and started screwing and she pulled out the ***** and told me to **** her with it. Her ***** streched so far and after about 2 mins of it she creamed like i never seen before, i asked if i could finish inside her and i put my small **** in her and ****** her while she stared at the large *****.
I think she uses that dilo alot and sex isnot the same anymore., also when we returned home she told all of her friends about the 4 mens ***** and she still drools about them

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smalldick12345 smalldick12345 51-55, M 5 Responses Dec 13, 2011

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Very hot story! You should let her have a guy with a big ****!

you re an ******* coach! get a new job.

LOL...."dieuwill" you are a piece of ****. You probably have a 3 inch **** and are ugly as hell. Stay in your little corner and keep your mouth shut!

have you considered cuckolding?

It all sounds familiar. My wife thought I was HUGE when we were dating and could not "accommodate" me. After being married about 7 years she started teasing me about being small and needing an implant. On an anniversary getaway I bought a big monster ***** and as we were sipping wine and getting cozy in front of the fireplace I presented it to her. Although I meant it as a joke, she was determined to "do" it. She placed it on the floor and had to literally sit on it for it to go in and I held it while she rode like she was possessed. The next morning she was too sore to have sex and she said she would never do that again.

My wife now says that "size doesn't matter, it's whats attached to it that matters".

If two people are truly in love size of the penis shouldn't matter. It is better to have a man who <br />
is loving, caring, kind and considerate who gives alot of affection.

That is one hell of a honeymoon!<br />
<br />
My wife thought I had an average sized penis until a couple of years after we were married. We moved to a beach town and she started to see all of the men at the beach and soon realised she had been "short changed" - her words, not mine.