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Physical Exam

In college I had to get a complete physical exam because I was joining the National Guard. So they send me to the doctor. I am instructed to ***** to my underwear. So I ***** and wait. The nurse (a female) comes back in and apologizes saying she forgot to get my vitals. I was a little embarrassed to be see in my tightie-whities by a woman because I had only been with one girl and was pretty modest. So I look down and see my penis head outlined they my underwear and it looks so small. I was wishing I had a nice big bulge for her to admire instead of a small bump. So she puts the blood pressure cuff on my arm. But when she touched me it felt electric and went right to my penis! I was praying to God I would not get hard but you know how that goes! The more you try not too the worse it gets! So I can feel myself getting hard and my penis pushing against my underwear. I start breathing really fast but since she's trying to get a blood pressure my heavy breathing is messing it up! So she puts a hand on my knee and tells me to relax. I had not looked at her in the eye to this point but her hand on my leg made me leak. And I leak a TON! I felt it pouring out of me and I look down. To my total humiliation all the precum has made my underwear clear and you can see my little **** head straining. But it was trapped and was only about 3 inches. It had made a little tent out of my shorts. Her gaze follows mine and and she just says "oh" and looks at me. I wanted to die! Then I start to apologize because I'm afraid she will be mad and maybe I'd be in trouble. She tells me not to worry and she was sorry that she didn't take
my vitals when I was still dressed. She tells me I'm going to have to relax so she can get a good bp. She has me lay back on the table which makes my ***** even worse. She sticks a thermometer under my tongue but I can feel and see the precum pumping out of my lite
**** making a huge mess in my shorts. Finally she
gives up and tells me she will try after the exam. Seeing the mess I had made she tells me I should clean up and just put on the hospital robe behind the door. She points to the sink and paper towels. I say ok and wait for her to leave. But she doesn't. She just reads from my chart. So she tells me to hurry because the doctor will be in any minute. So I go over to the sink and get paper towels and try to clean up by just reaching in my shorts. After a few wipes she tells me I need to take my underwear off and put on the robe. She goes over and get the robe She is just standing there staring at me. My heart was about to pop out of my chest. My gf was the only female to see my naked let alone hard. The room was bright and I had no where to hide myself. So I pull them off and I'm butt-naked with a 3 1/2 inch throbbing ***** dripping per-***. I'm literally shaking. She asks me how old I was again. I tell her 19. She stares at my penis and says "really, I would guess much younger". Maybe she meant I was young looking but afraid she was
talking about my small penis. So she reaches out to offer me the robe still staring at me
*****. I have to take a few steps to get it. I am dripping on the floor
as I get the robe. I put it on as fast as I can!
There is a lot more to this story when the doctor comes in but this was too long as it is! I'll finish this next time. This is 100% true btw!
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I'm sorry for your embarrassment, but it's a great story. (I'm a doctor.) I'd love to hear more.

Swimmerguy7, Yeah, I actually specialize in treating erectile dysfunction, so guys get naked for me to examine their penises. I give them injections into the penis to make them hard. Sometimes they ********* spontaneously. Where did you post what happened next?

Sounds like you guys have run into some unprofessional doctors and nurses. Their comments were entirely out of line in those situations.

At the end of an induction course for a new employer all who attended the three day affair had to undergo a physical. I was part of a contingent of about twenty male inductees, (The females who attended were examined separately) For speed of processing we were ushered into a large hall set up with a variety of stations manned by various male and female medical examiners. We had to ***** off and queue up to make our way around the stations. I had by far the tiniest penis of all the men there and having to suffer scrutiny by the examiners (expecially the female ones) was humiliating enough but in direct comparison to all the much more manly endowed guys was especially embarrassing. <br />
I lived in a shared house with a nurse and she was asked by someone at a small party at our house about the whole penis size thing. The inquiring party assumed that medical staff see so many ***** that it is probably so routine that they would hardly take notice of such trivialities. Her answer was that actually there was always a lot of gossip amongst the female staff (mostly) concerning one guy or anothers endowments. If a guy was particualrily attractive there was usually a lot of curiousity and interest in the size of there package. Otherwise guys with particularily impressive size ***** were often commented on as well as those with particularily tiny ones. <br />
Since I am considered to be quite attractive I am fairly certain that I was subject to this at one time or another during or after hospital visits etc and because my flaccid penis is quite tiny (more like a 9 or 10 year old's size than adult size) I am certain I was gossiped about.