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One Good Thing About It

I was saying something about my small penis ..kinda joking with wife maybe expecting her to say something like well I like it or something like that. Instead she said " well at least I never had to worry about you out fooling around with it!"  OUCH!!

mnscooter mnscooter 56-60, M 29 Responses Jun 2, 2008

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That's exactly what my wife says to me. :P

My wife has never said anything about me being 3 to almost 4ins.She was married before so have learned to use hands to overcome short commings ha.

For me it was the most cruel thing that could be voiced. The thing about me is that I AM NOT small. I was measured when I had the penile implant but I don't remember what the Dr. said. After she said she could not feel it because it was so small, I measured. It is 6.4" in length and 5.3" in circumference.

At the end of the day, none of us m or f are perfect, you need to accept who you are and if others can't do the same then they aren't worth you're time or company so let them go to hell!

This is tough. I know. After 53 years my wife told me she didn't care if we ever had sex again....'I didn't feel you the last time, you are too small'. I could have been as rude as she and said maybe your vagina is too loose...or big.

Or how about holding it aside as a back-up replacement for the Holland Tunnel?

i feel your pain. Hang in there

Wow! I mean she's your wife and all...but DAMN! tshirtbob

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Lots of good things about a small penis:
1) Well i supose your wife is right
2) i cant think of any more, except...
I have been married for over 30 years, i have been my wifes only partner, i know i dont satisfy her but we do have fun pretending i do. Lately she has told me i should compensate for having small one, i do my best, wash up, do the hoovering ,

So just get your wife to pretend , P.S., just read about the smaller condoms comment, i now buy regular size, you can always put them on again if they fall off.


That is one thing my wife has never said is me being way below aver. males and she saw her husbands so she knows the difference.

Mutual respect is an integral part of any good relationship. Any situation in which your partner teases you or criticizes you or in any way disparages your penis, is serious. To me it means, time to consult a therapist, or time to terminate the relationship. Partners and friends have to be supportive of each other. To boost each other's confidence.
You should not put up with anything less. There are women out there who would be happy even if you had no penis, if you were nice, romantic,considerate, funny, stableetc. Bonus, if you satisfied them with your hands, mouth and toys.
So accept who you are, and expect your partner to accept who you are. Not to tearyou down or make you feel less than a man.

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LMAO! Yeah, my wife says exactly the same thing. And she's right!

There are men who have a small penis, and they avoid sex with women that they would otherwise have liked to be with. They don't want to be embarrassed. But there are also men who do the opposite. They may be in a wonderful relationship with satisfactory or even good sex. But they feel insecure because of small penis size, and to bolster their self image as a stud, they become promiscuous. Perhaps a sex addict. They end up wrecking a perfectly good marriage or partnership. It's a shame. Others have good sex , but to deal with their insecurity, they over indulge in ************ to ****. A guy with a small penis has to try to watch out for obsessive or compulsive sexual behavior. In such cases, they should seek help from a health care professional, like a psychologist who specializes in dealing with sexual problems.<br />
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I was reading comments by wives about smaller condoms called "snug fitting". They all raved about these smaller condoms, that fit sell. One wife said her previous boyfriend had a monster penis. Her husband is much smaller, but since he uses the new small condoms, they don't have the experience of the condom coming off during intercourse. She says she now loves sex with him. Note that she chose a guy with a penis so small, he couldn't even wear average size condoms. So it obviously means a woman can be happy with a man with a smaller penis. Besides, if you use skills, manual, oral and toy play, she'll be happy. <br />
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Unless you have a professional "mommy" that you like to see that diapers you. That's if you're into that sort of thing. They don't mind at all. There's nothing illegal or wrong about diapering an over 18 year old person if you give them permission to do so as long as the mommy is 18 or over as well. The laws probably vary state to state though.

Well, it is true enough. I don't shop mine around.

It was an ace card to play if any of my gf's past and present want to stop any other girl flirting with me. My current girlfriend actually pulled my trunks down while i was chatting with a couple of other girls at a pool party. (They stopped flirting) Another gf snidely pointed out to a girl at a party who she thought was getting interested that she shouldnt bother because I have a tiny ****. Yet another former gf (as i discovered later) had made it common knowledge to all the women in our social strata that I had a small penis allegedly to keep any sexual interest at bay.

Well, tell her that with a larger one anal sex would hurt...

ilove the fact that it is small becuase i get to wear teh prettiest panties and not show any unsightly bumps

Fortunately for my wife, since she has sex with other men on a daily basis, she gets all sizes. Fortunately, for them she is very tight. So, size doesn't really matter for my wife since she has a variety of sizes from day to day.

hahaha she sure does hab a good sense of humour.. <br />
and trust me when she said that... she meant no harm!!! she was jus jus joking ard subconsciously unaware tat it might hurt ur ego... well anywys she is ur wife.. which means she knws u better than anyone and so do u!!! : )

Never mind. <br />
Smaller ones do the greatest jobs!!

wow...she is cold

ooohhh... that sure is a kick in a mans ego. Maybe you should challenge her in that statement and go out and fool around! Payback is a *****!! lol

I don't but I let her. You would think that she would leave but she didn't. It may have happened but in the middle of the fun, she lost all sex drive. So, I have no idea what would have happened. I am very open minded about sex and do not equate sex with love so her getting out to have a big one, was no problem for me. I know I was good at other things. <br />
<br />
Now. Nothing. Nada. But I do have my CK who is an awesome friend and lover.

Yeah, girls can be mean...<br />
Don't take it too hard. Penis size is extremely low on the scale of things women genuinely care about in their man.

I dont konw about that, if theres no sexual chemistry then your not getting any play. you know, girls are shallow and would probably dump when they had their fill, or god forbid you marry them and a couple of years laters there cheating you you behind your back. but thats what happens when you dont measure up. its ****** up to see it like that but basically i see it as something that can be looked past for a while but not forever

Oh, come on! I bet you fool around with it quite alot ;)

well was pretty much a joke but still OUCH!!

ooooh, that wasnt nice, i had an ex who was i guess avarage and i would have never said something like that maybe she was just joking around with you.

I always love those words from women: "I had an EX who was small/average". That just about says it all right there. Thankfully, I saw fit to take steps to rise above average.

how did you rise Above it?