Why I Know It Is Smaller

When I was 12, I had to sleep with my male cousin and he got his flashlight out in bed and looked at it I got erect so did he His was longer mine had been cut, his was not All thru life he has been more successful in business His wife left him since he was too demanding Now he asks me about my wife and what is she like in bed He has a pool and asks my wife over He is crazy about big boobs and she has big firm ones
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I would be happy for them both, but that's me.

One of my cousins had sex with my wife before I met her. Neither of them admits it but it's obvious they did. My wife always talks about his size; she claims her friend used to date him and that's how she knows about his huge ****. But a few times she's looked at my inch-long flaccid penis and commented that not all the men in my family were blessed....

I'm 50 and my penis is 4.5 inches hard, an inch when soft.

too sexy story

Good advice but he is bigger than me in every way including money My wife is scared of him Thanks for yr comment

If i were you i would kick him in the teeth if he does anything with her. Or just kill her.

We will go to his pool today He has a change room but I will be with her

I agree, you should be thankful that there are men out there that can do that for you. That is what they are for

es, she attracts men

worried he is going to take your wife? Or at least **** her?

He wants her He is part of my family