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Ashamed Of My Little Penis

Throughout high school, I never had a girlfriend, or even asked anyone out. I had no friends either, so mom thought I had self-esteem issues and needed to see a therapist. She took me to see her friend Katy, who had just gotten her sociology degree from the local community college, and I guess this qualified her to help me. They had already decided that my problems stemmed from a negative self-image and that I was ashamed of my body. Mom told Katy about my small-penis problem, and they deduced this was the reason why I wasn't dating. So Katy devised an exercise which involved me standing naked in front of a mirror so I could accept my body and feel happy with it. As I stood there, mom and Katy said things like, "your body is perfect the way it is, such a wonderful gift from nature. Nothing is too big or too small, just the right size. You should be proud!" But all I saw in the mirror was a skinny pale kid with a tiny penis. Next, Katy took me to her computer where she showed me a picture gallery of men with inverted and micro-penises. She wanted to compare them with mine so I wouldn't seem so small. As we talked, mom came over and started looking at pics of normal-sized ones and showing them to Katy. They seemed to forget about me standing naked behind them as they laughed and compared the penises to their old boyfriends and ex-husbands. We didn't have a computer at home, so I had never seen another man's penis before. But in 5 minutes, I had seen about 50 of them, all much bigger and nicer than mine. As I watched them objectifying those men, I understood how women feel about us, and ended up feeling much more ashamed of my body than before. Eventually I just put my clothes back on and waited in the car while they finished.
nicklevin nicklevin 22-25, M 2 Responses Aug 11, 2012

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I can sure see how you feel having micro penis and small testicles never felt that I measured up being well below average males.Then found awhile back this also made me intersexed and I guess at my age what the heck.This hasen't keep me from a wounderful wife.

That's harsh. It is sad how women view and judge men in today's society without much thought to them as people. But going back to the mirror, how you view yourself is the most important and impactful thing in your life.