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My Wife..nephew And My Penis...(Interested in seeing my wife's pics?)

My wife recently visited her cousin and her 11 year old nephew for a month in the NJ

When she came back, i had taken a shower and come out. My wife looked at my penis and laughed and said that her nephews penis looked bigger than mine.

She did not mention how big it was but she repeated it twice to me about how big he was rolling her eyes.

She also told me that maybe my penis hadnt grown.

A couple of days later when we were trying to have sex she told me that her nephew actually was adamant that he'd sleep with her and during the nights he would reach into her gown for her breasts and sucked on it and had pulled up her hem and rubbed his **** against her *** throughout the night while she acted like she slept but he hadnt ****** her.

when asked on why she hadnt stopped him She told me that she did not know how to react and also that his big penis had felt so good compared to my 3 inch erect penis.

She also asked me on why i couldnt grow my penis and also informed me that her nephew is on his way to stay at our place for a month and she wanted me to sleep on the floor.

I feel so ashamed and turned on at the same time with the thought that a kid could satisfy my wife better than my 3 inch erect/1.4inch flaccid penis.
daboo86 daboo86 26-30, M 11 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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Man, thats so horny. I have a small wee willie, less than 4'' on a good day and thin. My wife Wendy, I let her go and have all the big ***** she wants, and she wants lots, so I never have to worry about ******* her with my tiny tim.
As for your wife and nephew, that sounds so erotic, having a youngster take your place in the bed and showing you what a 'real' man can do.
I would love to know how that turned out, lots of details if you can.
Add me pls, I dont want to miss out.

Add me

Did he and your wife laugh at you while he ****** your wife? You wife finally had a real ****.

Anxious to read about the visit....Please add so I can see her pics....Thanks

where are your wife's pics?

comig soon

I want to see her Thanks.

I posted a simiar story, "wife caught gazing" please update us, if he visits.

I got a small one too...enjoy ur nephew ******* the day lights out of ur wife.

yes you must really feel ashamed when you wife told you that, but it is exciting too to know that her nephew did this to her.<br />
Love to see your wifes pics

Yes i want to see her

i would like to hear your experiences Please